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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 112
June 2012
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How to earn some serious YEPs and strengthen Eliters

The most rewarding way to earn some YEPs, supporting Eliters and give something back to the league is to become a Tournament Director.

  • Do you enjoy teamwork and making sure that others have a good time?
  • Do you have a sense of humor?
  • Do you want to give back to the league and continue a proud tradition?
  • Could you use more YEPs and cash?
  • Do you have the time to host a minimum number of tourneys per week?
  • Yes, there are some TDs who manage to do tourney after tourney after tourney, but those are truly the exception (see the Super TD list!) - if  you do what you can and you enjoy it, your players will too.

Then you might want to consider becoming a TD.  It truly is a rewarding experience and a lot of fun.  You would be part of a highly professional team - with opportunities available in every league and playsite supported by Elite.  We will provide whatever training you need, it just takes a little time and effort and there will be someone to support you as you go through the process.  

The truth is, there are never enough TDs in any league and it sure helps Eliters to continue to grow - and every single TD makes a difference.  Why not you?

The benefits of hosting:

  • Tourney Share
    • YEPs Tourneys: 10% of the pot, Plus 2% of the pot if you are a Team Leader.
    • Mini Tourneys: 5% of the pot.
  • Bonuses
    • Performance Bonuses paid by the HA
    • 10% of the Marathon Day Bonus Pot, for the TD hosting the highest number of tourneys during the marathon.
    • 10% of the Marathon Day Bonus Pot, for the TD hosting the tourney with the highest number of Players during the marathon.
  • Weekly Cash Performance Bonuses:
    • Number of Tourneys: 3 Cents for every Tourney Hosted above 30 Tourneys.
    • Total Fees Generated: 7 Cents for every 1000 YEPs of Fees Generated above 15000 YEPs.
    • Average Players: 7 Cents for every 1 Player above 12 Average Players (Minimum 8 Tourneys).
  • Gold Plus TDs Weekly Bonuses, based on the Total TD Tourney Share on YEPs Tourneys generated during the week, as follows:
    • Gold: 10%
    • Platinum: 25%
    • Diamond: 50%
  • Other Bonuses
    • The TD of the month will be awarded 1000 YEPs Bonus at the beginning of the following month.
    • Super TDs completing 1000 Elite Tourneys, will get a Super TD Star that will appear on all Tourney Calendars.
    • Super TDs completing 1000 and 5000 Elite Tourneys, will get a unique Super TD Badge refleting this achievement.
    • Super TDs completing 10000 Elite Tourneys, will get an Honorary Staff Badge.
    • Super TDs will also be awarded at the beginning of the following month; 1000 YEPs for every new 1000 Tourneys.
      • 1000 Tourneys Milestone - 1000 YEPs
      • 2000 Tourneys Milestone - 1000 YEPs
      • 3000 Tourneys Milestone - 1000 YEPs
      • 4000 Tourneys Milestone - 1000 YEPs
      • etc...
    • PSTD Members and Regular TDs, in Struggling and New Leagues, will get 10 YEPs for every Hot Tourney they play in their Leagues.
    • SFTD - $0.03 - $0.10 Per Hot Spot covered; plus Bonuses up to 30% of the Spot earnings based on Spot Coverage and Total Tourneys Hosted.
    • PSTD Members and Regular TDs, in Basic, Struggling and New Leagues, will be rewarded for every attempted Tourney that was Pre-scheduled 1 day ahead, and cancelled in a regular manner for the reason: Not Enough Players, as follows:
      • Basic Leagues 6 YEPs
      • Struggling Leagues 8 YEPs
      • New Leagues 10 YEPs.


Click here for more details on the benefits of hosting

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