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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 116
October 2012
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What is Eliters Divisional System (EDS)

Ever seen EDS splashed somewhere in clubs? Ever wondered what it was? This is what it is all about...

EDS was set up to provide a playground if you like for a certain base of players that want to join and compete against similar skilled players in a league format, where it is more skill based than luck based as the length of the matches are much longer than an usual match.

EDS Tournaments will be contested as a continuing series of True Round Robin Tournaments in a Match Play format, based on Divisional alignments. See the detailed graphical presentation of the Divisional System.

  • EDS Tourneys will run continuously, over 2 Play Periods each month:
    • The first Play Period starts the 1st of each month at Noon and ends the 14th at 23:59 PM EST.
    • The second Play Period starts the 15th of each month at Noon and ends the 28th at 23:59 PM EST.
  • Players will be seeded into Divisions, ranked as follows: Division A, Division B, Division C, and so forth.
  • Each Division (except the lowest, called the “Division Z”) will have exactly 10 Players.
  • In EDS Tournament play every Player completes a match against each other Player in his/her Division during each Play Period. In other words, every Player in an EDS Division plays 9 matches per Play Period, against common opponents, and rankings will be adjusted after each match within the Division.
  • After each Play Period the Divisions will be realigned based on performance in the just-completed Play Period. In each Division except the A and Z Divisions, 3 players move UP, 3 players move DOWN, and 4 remain in place. Any Players finishing in the top 3 of their current division will move up a Division in the next Period. If they are in Division A already, they get another star and stay put.

    Winning players get 3 points while the losing player gets 1 point.

1st place in each league wins 600 YEPs, 2nd place gets 300 yeps and 3rd gets 200 YEPs.

You also get 5 yeps per point scored. So say you win the league with 22 points. 600 yeps for winning the league plus 110 yeps for each of the 22 points wins you 710 YEPs.

You can also challenge your opponents to a side stake - up to 500 YEPs - makes it all that much more interesting to play.

EDS is now being offered by the following leagues:

  • criby
  • diced
  • bgy
  • canay
  • giny

 If you have any questions please contact any DPA or league admin.

So what are you waiting for?? Get yourself signed up for the next period by clicking the link below.

For more information on EDS click here

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