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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 118
December 2012
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Upgrade to Premium Membership and get Huge Benefits

Becoming a Premium Member provides far more playing opportunities and also a nice way to support Eliters.

Eliters has several Premium Membership options available to our Members, including several shorter-duration memberships, so that you can select whichever one works best for you.

To review a comparison of Premium Memberships and the benefits you would receive, please visithttp://www.eliters.com/games/main/premiumcomparison.asp.

Premium Members receive exclusive benefits that go well beyond those of a Guest Membership; continuous YEPs flow, freedom from purging, and priority support are just a few of the features available exclusively to Premium Members. Eliters has added many new benefits to our valued Premium Members; including:

  • Huge Subscription Bonus YEPs up to 15,000 YEPs.
  • Daily Activity Bonus:
    • Silver members will receive 2 YEPs for every Match Win; 1 YEP for every Match Loss.
    • Gold members will receive 4 YEPs for every Match Win; 2 YEPs for every Match Loss.
    • Platinum members will receive 10 YEPs for every Match Win; 5 YEPs for every Match Loss.
    • Diamond members will receive 20 YEPs for every Match Win; 10 YEPs for every Match Loss.
  • Premium Members will be eligible to receive Referral Bonuses for every New Member introduced by them; up to 1250 YEPs.  Gold Plus Premium Members will be receive Double the Referral Bonus; i.e. 2500 YEPs.
  • Gold Plus Premium Members Events Bonuses (Bounty, BCT, Decathlon, ELIC, Olympics, PAT, and TOC) will be subject to a Multiplier as follows:
    • Gold Members x2
    • Platinum Members x3
    • Diamond Members x4
  • Gold Plus Premium Members will get Surprise YEPs as follows:
    • Silver Members 50 YEPs
    • Gold Members 200 YEPs
    • Platinum Members 350 YEPs
    • Diamond Members 500 YEPs
  • If you run out of YEPs (Maximum Balance of 100 YEPs); you may get extra YEPs FREE.
    • Gold 500 YEPs once every 3 months.
    • Platinum and Diamond 1000 YEPs once every 3 months.
  • If you renew your Premium Membership at the same or greater level before your current Membership expires; 10% of the purchase price will be credited to your Eliters US$ Account.

To buy, renew, or upgrade your Membership, please visit http://www.eliteleague.com/games/main/premium.asp.

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