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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 118
December 2012
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People Updates

Our deepest condolences are extended to Specialist_Canada on the recent loss of his dad.

It is with a shattered heart that I write that my father passed away in the early hours of November 29th. He was my best friend and I do, and will always, miss him dearly.

take care all, and love those closest to you.

Edward Martin (spec)


Thanks to lindsayjo1501 for letting us know about birdmik's surgery on 11/28:

Please take a minute to say a little prayer or think good thoughts for Mikey (birdmk), who is undergoing a procedure today that will hopefully correct some breathing issues.
Hopefully it will be very routine, but with a replaced heart valve, I imagine any surgery is a little tricky. Thanks in advance for your prayers.


We wish him a speedy recovery and quick return to the tables.


We are also happy to report that Tobydeclown44 is recovering well from his heart attack (although, he still misses the bacon).  Toby will be hosting in criby as his strength allows so please give him your support if you are available for one of his famous lunchtime tourneys.


Our friend spadylady had some serious surgergy on the 16th of November.  It sounds like her healing is going to take a good while so please continue to keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

This is an update posted by kick_rocks69

My mom Jen you know her as spadylady had her surgery today. The surgery was much worse than they had expected it to be and took about 5 hours, and we just got home. They had to send off 4 biopsys and cultures. Her finger was in such bad shape and sutures left in by the last surgeon, the had a difficult time even getting it cleaned and debreided. She can not use her entire hand for at least 7 days and is on 6 antibiotics a day until they get the cultures and biopsies back. She has to go back to this doctor on the 28th of this month for a checkup to see if they will need to put a pik line in her arm to have IV antibiotics long term at home. Then they are going to do her next surgery either Nov. 30th or December 6th, and they are going to have to take a piece of bone from her arm to fix her finger as it was in such bad shape in order to try and save it and not have to amputate it.

She is on strong pain meds, but she asked me this am before the surgery to get on here and explain to you how it went and update you, and asked if you will pass this on to the TDs and in the club if anyone has put anything in there about it, as to update everyone on how she is. Thank you very much for being my mom's friend on here,

Thanks Jenifer.


As we enter this season of celebration and festivities, please take a moment to remember those who are hurting, those who are caregivers, and those who are alone and reach out to them! 



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