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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 119
January 2013
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Promote Eliters and be a Winner

By promoting Eliters, you will achieve the following:

- Earn Big YEPs.
- Develop Eliters into a larger and more competitive gaming community.
- Help us stay online, develop our site, and improve our services for you.

Referral Program

A nice way to earn YEPs and help Eliters grow is to recruit new players - make sure they have your referral link (Your Referral Code (Link): http://www.yourid.eliters.org/) and you will receive a bonus for every Member you refer - even more if they purchase a premium membership.

  • Earn 250 YEPs for every new Member you refer.
  • Earn 1000 YEPs as soon as your friend gets a Premium Membership.
  • If you are a Gold Plus Member (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) , the referral Bonuses above are doubled.

Your Referral Code (Link): http://www.yourid.eliters.org/


Eliters 13-Year Anniversary!!
Special Offer...

Double Referral Bonuses
Starting December 16, 2012 and Valid to January 31, 2013

Promote Eliters during December 2012 and January 2013, and earn 500 YEPs for every new Member you refer, and earn 2000 YEPs as soon as your friend buys a Premium Membership. If you are a Gold Plus Member (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) , the referral Bonuses are doubled; you will earn up to 5000 YEPs.

Tell a Friend about Eliters

Fill a small form, and your friend will receive an email introducing Eliters with your Referral Code (Link).

If your friend clicks on the Referral Link, and registers in Eliters, you will get the Referral Bonus as per the rules shown above.

Invite to Join Eliters

Spread out the word about Eliters! The best way to recruit new players is to be active in the lobby, show how much fun you are having and include non-members in your conversations. Invite them to play, help them to sign up and tell them what makes Eliters special!

Post your Referral Link in gaming and social forums, message boards, groups, clubs, game lobbies, and chat rooms, to invite new Members to join Eliters.

Link to Us

Add a text link or a banner (with your Referral Code) to your website, your profile or to any other gaming website or search engine.

We have a wide variety of text links and banners that you can add to your website.

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