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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 121
March 2013
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Upcoming Members Birthdays

Happy Birthday

We wish our valued Members celebrating their Birthdays in the coming few weeks, a very happy birthday and very healthy, and prosperous years to come.

Month Day Member ID First Name
February 20 hugsykiss1 melissa
February 21 TOPWATER95945 Michael
February 22 chevy_wheels George
February 23 aaa_911_aaa1 Richard
February 25 n34express Brian
March 02 snowoman22 Donna
March 05 leilani1956 Leilani G
March 07 WOLFMAN7179 Paul
March 12 metrytooB Ricky
March 12 morgieelite mike
March 13 bjcutie_69 BJ
March 17 Icefog99 Patrick
March 18 josbge1 Jose
March 19 nono_not_me_nl Francis
March 24 barry_89741 barry
March 24 playmate_annie Anne
March 25 chopchop325 charles
March 25 NEWLAND_55 Ahmed
March 25 trishpaora@xtra.co.n Trish
March 26 D49erAmor Daniel
March 26 queenohartzkelly1 Kelly
March 29 lloyd329 Walter
April 02 spot_the_ninja_dog James
April 04 chewystuie stu
April 04 coffeeall4me gary
April 04 maltaking1949 inna
April 06 balouza Issa
April 06 pr3cious_grac3 Shayla
April 07 eliters_sweet_thang Jodi
April 08 dlovell3 Don
April 09 Razormonster Bob
April 11 knowillusion2009 tara
April 13 moans37 kurt
April 13 yankfromhell randy

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