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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 121
March 2013
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Screen Captures

I was recently asked how I did screen captures and decided that a reminder of the easiest, tried and true method of doing so would be useful.

There are also commercial programs which will allow you to do screen caps but these all cost money and there really is no great advantage over the free way, unless you have other purposes for screen caps.

Screen Capture 101

Getting a Screen Capture is a fairly straight forward matter, below is a step by step guide.

  1. Open a blank document using a Word-Processing program (for example Microsoft Word). If you do not have a program such as this, your computer will have a Paint program. To open this, you can usually find this from your Start menu (lower left corner of screen) choose Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Accessories > Paint.

  2. On your keyboard, usually above the direction arrows and editing keys, you will see a key ‘Prnt Scrn’ (Print Screen). Once you have the window or text on screen you wish to capture, simply press the Prnt Scrn key. (This saves the full image showing on your screen to your computer's clipboard).

  3. If you want to capture one single window out of the several opened windows on your computer screen, activate the document or window, then press the Alt + Prnt Scrn keys. (This saves only the active window to your computer's clipboard).

  4. Next go back to open document, and Paste in the image. You can either go to Edit then select Paste, or simply press Ctrl + V.

  5. If you need to capture more images or text, then simply repeat steps 2 or 3 then step 4 until you have all the images you want.

  6. Final step is to Save and Name your document. If you are using the Paint program, you must save your file as a JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) or a GIF (.gif) file. Saving as a Bitmap (.bmp) makes the file size too large and very difficult to attach to an email or a Ticket.

Remember that Notes without screen captures are pretty much useless if you have an issue.  Of course, if you just want to let us know how wonderful a player or TD is, no screen cap needed.



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