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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 122
April 2013
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People Updates

Thanks to velveteen524 for her recent update on SlamDoc21:

I talked to Fred briefly last eve (very briefly). This is his new situation~~

He was just transferred to a different hospital for two weeks, until he's
finished receiving the rest of his IV meds.

The new hospital has a firewall that blocks him from loading Eliters & any games. (I bet he's going nuts)

He was able to pop in the other morning to host & 'see' some friends. I'm keeping him in my prayers.......


Update on SpadeMomma02 from her daughter Jennifer.

Mom had her surgery but is not doing well. She goes March 27th to get her stitches out if they can where they had to take her finger and part of her hand off. She is still on lots of antibiotics, running a fever, and a lot of pain, and not in her real state of mind. The problem is the Dr. fears the infection may have spread farther and they may have to take more fingers and more of her hand off and possibly on up her arm.

She really loves this league, the Tds and the players and upsets her that she has let the league down and especially spades, and even makes me get on here and play the gold box for her as she loves it also.

She asked me to try to get a message to the following people:
The Owner, Deb, Shawn, Sue:
She loves being a TD and a SFTD, and she said to please ask you to not terminate her in her positions as she prays to get to come back as soon as possible, but it is going to take some time, and wants me to beg you to keep her on.

Now from me:
My mother really loves and thinks a lot of everyone here, she talked about wanting to come back this time and not be the person she was before in this league, and treat everyone the way she wanted to be treated herself, and even though she is not very well at all, she talks most about this site, and my wish to you is that you keep her on, as if this infection keeps taking over, we are afraid she may not make it, and this would be one wish I would hope you can keep for her, esp. if she gets better and able to come back.

Please keep her in your prayers as she really loves you all more than you will ever know.

I will check back on here in a day or 2.

Thank You
Jenifer Wright

I have her email address and password if you would like to send her a message, I can print it out for her when she is coherent enough to understand them.

adesawaya1 (Jen) asked for prayers for her sister Suhanna who was admitted to hospital for complications with her diabetes.  She is now recovering and hopefully staying healthy.

Please keep vtspirit1 and her husband in your prayers too as they face a serious health issue with David facing heart surgery.  Luckily this occurred while they were visiting family in Arizona where they have some amazing doctors.  Strength and healing being sent to Tina and David.


Please keep all members of our Eliters family who are troubled or ill in your prayers.

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