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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 124
June 2013
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Become an Olympian

You too can be an Olympian - you don't have to even break a sweat or spend hours in a gym (although a little of both won't hurt).

Please join us on another Olympic journey in January. Come play with us to gain a medal for your profile, see your name in lights on all leagues main pages, earn an Olympics Badge, and win some valuable YEP Prizes.

The Eliters Olympics are open to all premium members and based on a Quarterly seeding.

All Tournaments participants will be awarded points based on each tournament ranking as follows:

  • Winner 11 Points
  • Runner-up 8 Points
  • Semi Finalists 2 x 6 Points
  • Quarter Finalists 4 x 4 Points
  • 9th to 16th 8 x 3 Points
  • All others 2 Points Each
  • Players in 1x3 Tourneys, will have 1 winner and 3 Semi Finalists.
  • Players in Partners Tourneys Leagues, will have 2 winners and 2 Runner-ups etc.

The ONLY way to gain one of these medals is to PLAY in as many leagues as possible. The more you play the more points you accumulate. You don't have to be the best player in any league. Playing 10 Olympics tourneys and accumulating 2 points per league - that is still 20 points! Odds are you will get more than 2 points. Look at the statistics; it is quite possible to do well even if you are not the greatest player in that particular format! The more you play, obviously the better you get. Besides, you will meet more wonderful Eliters and have fun.

Olympics Bonus

  • Gold Medalist - 10 YEPs x Participants.
  • Silver Medalist - 6 YEPs x Participants.
  • Bronze Medalist - 4 YEPs x Participants.

Gold Plus Premium Members will get the Bonus with a Multiplier as follows:

  • Gold members receive 2x the Olympics Bonus Prize
  • Platinum members receive 3x the Olympics Bonus Prize
  • Diamond members receive 4x the Olympics Bonus Prize

In case of a tie for the Medalists, Winners will be decided based on the rankings in individual Olympics Tourneys. The player with the highest placements will be declared the medalist. Example: Any combination of points containing 1 Victory (11 points) is worth more than any combination not including a Victory.


Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal
Badge to Gold Medalist
Added to All Leagues Main Pages
Added to Profile

Yahoo! Olympics are scheduled this month for the 8th and 9th of June Pogo Olympics are scheduled this month for the 15th and 16th June.

Want to improve the Olympic experience and gain some competitive advantage? Play some regular tourney games in the leagues you intend to play in as an Olympian. There is usually a large increase in players in the hour prior to the Olympics - and as much as a crash course helps when you are not particularly familiar with the game, it is far better to play one or two games in the days preceding the Olympics.

Although, it is not encouraged we realize that players will frequently enter an Olympic tourney with no intention of playing. Please let the TD know via EM that you won't be there - that way the tourney can progress at a reasonable pace instead of having timers round after round, which increases everyone's frustration.

If you are not a Club Pogo member and want to play in a Club Pogo league - just ask the TDs or Admins - they will always help you out.

Hope to see you in the June and future Olympics.

Click here for more information on the Olympics

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