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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 125
July 2013
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Two YEPs worth

Summer finally kicked in with a vengeance in Southern California.  And while I bitch about the heat I reflect on how lucky I am.

I have a wonderful, wonderful husband - although, he is a little different. Ok, he is a brilliant man but not too swift.  

Last week he noticed some parrots outside the grocery store and I told him to go pay for the TWO items I had - bananas and soap.  - while I went to look for the birds.    I finally found them flying around one of the palm trees.  And then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  30 minutes later he showed up - he had tried the self check out but then what do you do about the bananas?  Finally he gave up on that idea (he never considered dumping them).  He very politely went and stood at the end of the longest line because he couldn't figure out which one was the express line.  Finally he paid the $6.51 and was done.   A long expedition but hey, we saw the feral parrots.  We always say we deserve each other, no one else would put up with our foibles.

I am still crazy about him after 30 something years of marriage.  I am a lucky woman.

I have a wonderful family - my sister and I have always been as close as can be.  Our voices are identical.  She is 14 years younger than I and she is the person with whom I have shared the best laughs and the best memories.  It took me 60 years or so to like my brother and I am so grateful that we finally got there.  Too bad about the lost years.

I have a cat who tolerates me (but loves my husband).  She was a feral kitten saved by a friendly truck driver in the absolute worst part of Fresno.  She is about 14 now and nothing to look at, also no tail.  My life is incomplete without an animal around and frankly, I cannot like anyone who doesn't care about animals.  She may be an  ugly ole girl but she still has spunk.

I have a boyfriend (yes I admit it) - a sweet talking, belly exposing orange neighborhood cat who smooches up to me for food.  I think he is two timing me.

I live in a place that I love.  The weather is mostly good, the people are wonderfully interesting and diverse, and as long as you can avoid the traffic, a good place to be.

I was born in one of the most beautiful countries on earth - great people, great scenery, great wildlife, great music.  
I emigrated to the USA - the country which has provided me with so many opportunities and total freedom.  I was lucky to have this choice.

I may be old but I relish in the right to be old and cranky!  There is something to be said for aging, you no longer have to explain yourself.

I have friends all over the world - some of whom I have never met and yet they are a part of my life.

I have shared laughter (and some tears) with many of you and I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of the  Eliters family.

I am so lucky.

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