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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 126
August 2013
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Two YEPs worth

We have all spent time in empty lobbies over the past few months.  We have all tried to host tourneys for players who are not there or been players waiting for others to join.  So what do we do?

One option is to get your knickers in a knot and go bitch in the clubs.  Doesn't solve anything, but if it makes you feel better have at it.

The other option is to host when you can, play when you can and all of us make an effort to support our league.

Last week criby hosted a marathon - 24 hours of tourneys, not a single person recruited!  On Sunday night there were a whole bunch of Eliters in the lobby, one player came in and talked to someone who appeared to be interested.  Five minutes later, this person joined Eliters.  That was all it took, a little conversation, the willingness to make someone feel welcome and voila!

Last week I celebrated my 10th Year in Eliters.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I was sitting in the lobby wondering who all the GFSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs were and feeling somewhat excluded.  So if you wonder why I rarely use first names, it is because of those memories.  But I also remember the bantering, the fun and not the dismal approach that some of us are exhibiting right now.

People come to play here to have fun and to be part of a community.  There are many leagues with lots of fun activities designed to promote the FUN factor.   This month's interviewees are the Bounceradio DJs - they are more than willing to  help promote your league, play great music and oh yeah, have FUN.

So we all make choices, we all know who does what wrong etc. etc.  You can focus on that or... you can bring back the FUN.

Let's do it Eltiers.  My vote for FUN!

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