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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 131
January 2014
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BOWLP Events News

Coming to your nearest bowling alley in January, 2014
Any player who plays or donates (1 tourney) in DECA each month will receive their INVITATION to the  "MONTHLY DECATHLON INVITATIONAL" with a 100 Yep entry and a 1,000 BONUS to be held the first Monday following DECA WEEK in Bowlp.  Bowl Well!  Have Fub!  January will be held Monday Jan. 13 @ 2145.
BADGE WEEK:  Top 25 players who win the most matches (6+) during the" HAPPY NEW YEAR ELITERS" badge week Jan. 5 to Jan. 11, 2014.Bowl Well!  Have FUB!
MARATHON:  24 Hours of Tournaments, 96 in all, plus a scattering of DE and/or RR. Come Join us if you can and unwind from a busy week.  Saturday Jan. 4, 2014 with MDC Sunday Jan. 5, 2014.  Bowl Well! Have Fub!
SUPER BOWLP COUNTDOWN INVITATIONAL:  Play or donate in any Premium Tourney from Jan. 18 to Jan. 24, 2014 to earn your berth in the SUPER BOWLP CHAMPIONSHIP INVITATIONAL on Sunday Jan. 26 @ 2145.  I will host FTB format once each time I host as well.Championship Bonus of 1,500 Yeps.
(FTB Rule:  FOOTBOWL:Roll 6 pins 1st ball each frame for TOUCHDOWN(6 PTS.).  Make the spare for the extra point(1 PT.). Miss the 6 count but make a spare is a field goal(3 PTS.). Strike is loss of yardage,NO points.High Foot bowl score will be the winner. If tied, High Bowling score will be the winner. If tied replay.)
Our newest Format will be seen this month.  LOBOWL:   Score must fall between 75 and 130. Must hit one (1) pin per ball. Under 75 is DQ. Over 130 is DQ. High score wins.  Check it out in January.
And remember to check the ongoing Presents during Eliters 14th Anniversary Celebration.
Have a FUB! 2014 and see you at the old man's ranch.

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