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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 132
February 2014
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Changes in Eliters Premium Membership Policy

I wish to thank all those who continuously supported Eliters; either by having Gold or Platinum or Diamond Memberships or bought YEPs to play or to help other Players. Unfortunately, these became very few in 2013 (just 113 Members), and the majority of other Active Members are Silver Members; many did just pay one Silver Subscription and were playing for over 10 Years free.

As a matter of fact; Eliters has suffered deeply like most gaming sites and Members from the Economic Crisis and the facebook competition. Accordingly we have no other option but to seek your financial support; especially after the Cash income to Eliters went down to the extent it is not covering 50% of the direct costs incurred, including Staff Cash Bonuses and the Servers hosting.

We find ourselves compelled to take the rough road, and follow what most sites are doing; abolish the lifetime Premium Membership; while trying to be as fair as possible to those who supported Eliters over these years. The changes to the Premium Membership will be as follows; effective February 1, 2014:

  • Inactive Silver Members for 10+ Years will be purged.
  • Inactive Silver Members for 6+ Years will be dropped to Guest Status.
  • All New Silver Subscriptions will be for 1 Year.
  • Current Silver Maturity for Active Members will be dropped to one year only; to 1/31/2015.
  • All Gold Plus Membership when expired will be renewed for only 1 Year Silver.
  • Buying a new Silver during the Silver subscription will extend the current Silver to another Year and will earn 1250 YEPs Entry Bonus.
  • Silver Members will be converted to Guests on Membership Expiry; however they will not be purged for inactivity unless they run out of YEPs and/or are inactive for 6 Years.
  • Guests will be eligible to keep their Badges and their Profile if they were Premium Members before.
  • Active TDs (hosting a minimum of 30 Tourneys during the last 3 months) will get their Silver Membership renewed automatically for another 3 months.

In addition, to guarantee the ease of communication with Members:

  • Accepting the receipt of emails from Eliters is now mandatory to all Members expecting to remain in Eliters.
  • Members are required to keep an Up-to-date and Valid email addresses. Players not having a Valid Email will have a Red Alert at the top of their Eliters Main page; they will not be awarded any Bonuses including TD Bonuses. Further penalties up to purging will be imposed.

Upgrade to Premium Membership

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