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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 132
February 2014
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Changes in Eliters TD Bonuses Policy

Eliters gave TDs the option of awarding Bonuses to attract more Players and achieve higher Activity; this option was increased overtime to see if this would improve the activity, but the result was adverse. Eliters kept increasing the TDs incentives; this aggravated the problem as it encouraged them to offer more Tourney Bonuses.

We did in 2011 a thorough analysis of the effect of offering Bonuses to Players to encourage them to join, and we found out that Bonuses have a negligible effect on Tourney success or increasing the number of participants. The Bonus analysis resulted in offering guidelines to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of awarding the TD Bonuses. Unfortunately, these guidelines; although beneficial to both Eliters and the TDs; were not followed; in the contrary; TDs kept adding Bonuses for different reasons.

Awarding Tourney Bonuses have the following effects:

  • Bonuses didn't attract more players to play unless they are huge.
  • Tourney bonuses didn't help the poor Player; it added YEPs to the YEPs Rich Players winning the Tourneys, making them richer.TD Bonuses made the Eliters Events lose their appeal; they can get more YEPs for the Fees they pay in Regular Tourneys with TD Bonuses more than what they can get in any Event.
  • Bonuses caused Eliters indirect loss of income, especially that 50% of these bonuses is awarded to Guest and Silver Members; not spending any money to buy Additional Premium Membership, and rarely buying YEPs as they get it Free through TD Bonuses and/or winning Tourneys.
  • TD Tourney Bonuses take away income that could be generated from selling Premium Membership or YEPs.

This facility cannot continue if it is going to hurt Eliters; accordingly the following changes will be implemented effective February 1, 2014:

  • TD Bonuses may only be added to Tourneys with 100 + YEPs Fees.
  • The Regular TD Bonuses must never be more than double the Fees; a 100 YEPs Tourney cannot have more than 200 YEPs Regular Bonus.
  • Milestones may have an additional Bonus up to 4 times the Fees; a 100 YEPs Tourney can have 600 YEPs as TD Bonus (200 YEPs Regular Bonus + 400 YEPs Milestone Bonus), a 250 YEPs Tourney can have 1500 YEPs as TD Bonus (500 YEPs Regular Bonus + 1000 YEPs Milestone Bonus), a 500 YEPs Tourney can have 3000 YEPs as TD Bonus (1000 YEPs Regular Bonus + 2000 YEPs Milestone Bonus).
  • Milestones with Silver Bonus may be with 50 YEPs Fees, and NO other YEPs Bonus.
  • Invitation Tourneys may have up to 1000 YEPs Bonus.
  • The TD Gold Plus Bonus will be replaced by the award of Surprise YEPs; this will result in doubling the chances for TDs to get the Surprise YEPs for Hosting and Playing, and thus cover the donation if any.

For Details on Tournament Directors Benefits

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