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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 134
April 2014
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2x2 Teams, Tagger, and PS Tourneys

Canasta has added: 

  • 2x2 4 Players System Select and PS Combined Scores Team 2/2 and 2/1 Tourneys. 
  • 2x2 4 Players System Select and PS Partners Tag Team 2/2 and 2/1 Tourneys. 

Canasta will hold a partners tourney twice per hour for two hours. Days or nights will alternate between Premium and guest tourneys. Fees may vary. 

This will be called the "World Canasta Stars" Club. In this club, there will be monthly invitations for 2 partners PS Tourneys. 1 for Guests(both Guests and Premium Players alike may join guests tourneys ) and 1 for Premium Players only with various fees. Invites will be sent to emails for Winners of each Tourney. 

This club will operate twice a week. 

The first week of January will be the yearly invitational for all participants. 

Please cast your votes and leave a brief comment. All will be greatly appreciated.


Canasta Yahoo Nascar Event starts Friday, March 7, 2014

Eliters Canasta Yahoo brings you Nascar! Varoom! 

Start preparing your Nascar and your Cockpit Team early. 
Get ready to rev up your engine and put the pedal to the metal! 
The Nascar Event is an exactly 36 Tourneys Event ending with a Championship Tourney (NCT). 
The Nascar Event will only be available to Premium Members. 
The first race begins this Friday and starts at 10:15 and a second race at 20:15. 
This Event will be 200 YEPs Fees to enter for each Tourney Race. 
There will be a total of 36 races. 
Two races will be held weekly for 18 weeks at the same times each Friday. 
For more information about this prestigious Nascar Event, visit Help Topic 2539
Bring your fast car to the first battle in Phoenix. 
The second battle will be in Las Vegas. 
Good luck this season Drivers! 
Lets burn some rubber and smoke up the tracks!

HA Fred (SlamDoc21)


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