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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 136
June 2014
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Play Sites IDs

The Systems Team finished working on showing the Play Site ID for each Player on the Tourney Page and the Tourney Admin Page. The Play Site ID; if different from Eliters ID; will show between brackets [....]. 

The Eliters ID link will lead back to the Player Profile.

Earlier last month; the Systems Team Finished working on the Master Eliters UserNames (Eliters IDs)allowing the use of Different IDs for Different Play Sites. Players will be allowed to Register in Tourneys using their Eliters ID and Play in Tourneys using the Play Site ID of the Tourney Room.

  • If you have a Profile; you can check the Play Site IDs at MyProfile; all Players can do the same using Edit Play IDs.
  • If for any reason you need to Change Play Site ID; you can Edit it using the Edit Play IDs.
  • As soon as you join another Play Site; try to Register your Eliters ID or as near it as possible, and you can Add the New Play Site ID using the Add Play IDs.

The Same Name Rule at Eliters is abolished

The Same Name Rule at Eliters was abolished; each Players can have a different ID for Play Sites, and associate them with their Eliters ID.

The following is an update to the User Name (Your Eliters ID) Help Topic.

A unique User Name will identify each Eliters Member.

  • This Member User Name (ID) will be used to join any League at Eliters.
  • All YEPs and US$ balances and transactions for this User Name will be kept in the Member Account.
  • All statistics (matches results, Tourney results, streaks, etc) for this User Name will be kept in the Player’s League Account.

The maximum length of Eliters User Name (ID) is 20 Characters, notwithstanding the Play Site ID.

Members may use the following characters in addition to Alpha and Numeric Characters:
- _ . / ( ) @ [ ] * ^ ! { }

Play Sites IDs

Eliters Tourneys are played in several Play Sites (Yahoo!, Pogo, GameDesire); each Game in different Sites has a League that is managed independently; Eliters Matches are played in these Play Sites (or a different Site if the Lobby is not available at the Original Play Site.

In order to play in any League Tourney; Players must register in the Play Site accommodating the Game for this specific League. The Same Name Rule was abolished; Players may register any ID they like in the Play Sites; however, it is highly advisable to have Your Play Site IDs identical to, or the nearest to, your Eliters ID.

It is recommended to register in ALL Play Sites used by Eliters, well in advance, in order to save time when joining any League or Tourney, and Add your Play Site ID at Add Play IDs.

The current Play Sites used by Eliters are:

  • GameColony
  • GameDesire
  • Play OK
  • Pogo
  • Safe Harbor Games
  • Yahoo!

Check the new Eliters UserName Rules at

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