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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 137
July 2014
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People Updates

From our friend lstreat2000 on June 23rd:

hiya eliters, miss you all, hope to come back playing soon, just can't sit up lots yet, pancreas still takes up most of my stomachs room. going down but not fast enough .Hubby is doing good, had reverse of his colostomy, doing well with that, had surgery Tuesday, sent home Saturday. So we are both laying around in the hospital bed in living room,, good thing boys are still at home :)Ty for all prayers, we sure needed them.. gle in games


What is up with sirjoehart?

I talked to Joe the other day & thought maybe y'all may want to see~~ 

Joe Hart: i can not play, i was in a bad car crash recently 
velvet: OMG hun Guess ur NOT ok? What happened? 
Joe Hart: i was a passenger in a car, hit by another car at fault 
Joe Hart: driver was over drink drive limit 
velvet: Oh yuck~~did u hafta d to the hosp? 
Joe Hart: i tried to play the other day, but i can not play fast enough 
Joe Hart: and player complained, so im having time out of the site 
Joe Hart: might be 3 or 4 months 
So keep him in your prayers & if he does pop in, please have patience 
posted by velveteen524 
Update on Nike_Golfman4

Hello Pino Loving Eliters, I am writing this to let you all know that your beloved HA (Nike_Golfman4) is now home and is recovering from his recent surgery. He is not loving how he feels and would very much appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery. He'll be out of the loop for several days more, but will hopefully be feeling better as he heals. Today is just day #4, so he's super sore and uncomfortable. Please be kind to one another in our absence and enjoy your pino games. 
Bob and Laura aka 
Nike_Golfman4 / NochlHead77


Where oh where is golfinmimi4?  (posted on 6/4)

I have been away for about a  month now due to an accident I suffered here at home. I fell and dislocated my shoulder which has resulted in muscle and nerve damage in my right arm/hand. My doctor assures me this will heal in time, but so far it has been a slow process. 
Today is the first time I have been able to type using both hands, so I guess things are progressing some. I hope to be able to return to my Eliters duties soon.
Fun in the sun
We are totally jealous of two of our favorite Aussies -  Cammie (cammiexx ) and Val (llpoolvally3off to celebrate someone's special birthday.  Wish we were there too.

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