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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 137
July 2014
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Canasta at Safe Harbor

There have been some minor changes to Canasta Formats and Round Points.
Note: In the Tourney Info. Box, which is the center box on your Tourney Page, click on the Format Link (colored in blue) in order to review the Rules of that particular tourney. A small pop - up box will appear with the rules.

Table Settings

Unrated Tables were abolished as all Canasta games are now played in a Ratings Lobby.
1h, 2h, & 3h games have also been abolished.

Tables points can be set from 1000 points - 10,000. (Any points not showing in the Table Setting Drop Box can be typed in.

Canasta now allows multiple table play. Meaning you may play in more than one tourney per time, and we strongly ask and suggest that all keep the pace. Slow play can cause DQ from one or both tourneys.

Format Changes

Crazy 7s Rules has changed from any 7s Canasta to (Red 7s Canasta).
Crazy 8s Rules has changed from any 8s canasta to (Red 8s Canasta).
Hot Tourneys Second Primary Guest Spot (:30) is created as Can't Touch This - 2500 points
3500 and 7000 points Canasta Tourneys are now being created.
The 3500 points Tourney is 150 Fees with or without a bonus.
The 7000 points Tourney is 300 / 500 / 750 Fees with or without a bonus during regular tourney times. This will sometimes be created along side a regular 200 Fees Tourney on the :15 Time Spot.


Now that Guests may enter 50 and 75 YEPs Fees Tourneys, on the :30 Time Spot, Canasta will offer a 75 YEPs Fees Tourney.
SFTDs (Hot Tourneys) will remain as 50 Fees for the time being on the :30.
All BOS, Marathon, and Welcome Tourneys are now 75 Fees comfortably.

NASCAR Canasta Event

For the remaining of the season, all NASCAR Tourneys will be held on and hosted by:
LetsBustaNil has your races set every Tuesday at 20:15.
OutlawNeon76 will have your races set on every Thursday at 20:15.
Join us at Safe Harbor Games.net for multiple formats, action, new game features, and more. Hope to see you at the tables.

Fred BKA SlamDoc21 *HA*
Yahoo! Messenger SlamDoc21

Walter BKA OutlawNeon76 *AA*
Yahoo! Messenger OutlawNeon761

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