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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 138
August 2014
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Decathlon Bonus

Starting August 2014; the Decathlon Bonus will be calculated and awarded as follows; the change is mainly making the Champion Bonus related to the Points rather than be fixed: Bonus Calculation: All Tourneys participants will be awarded points, for only the first 10 Decathlon Tourneys played by each Player, based on each Tourney ranking as follows:

  • 02 points for Round 1 losing teams
  • 05 points for Round 2 losing teams
  • 08 points for Round 3 losing teams
  • 11 points for Round 4 losing teams
  • 14 points for Round 5 losing teams
  • 17 points for Round 6 losing teams 20 points for Round 7 losing teams

Players in Partners Tourneys Leagues, will have the points awarded to the 2 Players composing the Team. Players in 1x3 Tourneys, will have 2 Players in each game as losing team, except the last Round where 3 Players will be considered losing teams. The points awarded will follow a different structure:

  • 11 points for the Winner
  • 06 points for the 3 semi finalists
  • 04 points for the 4 quarter finalists
  • 03 points for Previous Round losing teams
  • 01 points for Previous Round losing teams

If a Player plays more than 10 Decathlon Tourneys, the points will count only for the first 10. Then, in the next Decathlon Tourneys the Player may advance and even get Tourney Victory, but the points will be concealed, and the other Players will not move up or take the concealed points, as each of them will get only the points s/he earned.

Bonus Payment:

Points will be accumulated for all Tourneys, with the maximum of 10 Tourneys per Player, and the Player with the highest Points will be declared the Decathlon Champion.

The Champion will be awarded a Special Decathlon Bonus equivalent to 5 YEPs per point. In case of a tie for the Champion; one Champion will be selected based on the rankings in individual Decathlon Tourneys; the player with the highest overall placements will be declared the Champion; and if 2 Players have the same placements; the player with the highest Total Tourneys played during the Decathlon Month and up to the Decathlon Finish will be declared the Champion.

A Bonus of 1 YEP per Point will be awarded to All Players who played 10+ Tourneys (6+ Tourneys in Class 4 Struggling Leagues), excluding the Champion, who will get 5 YEPs per point.

Players will get the above Bonus with a Multiplier as follows:

  • Bronze Guest members receive 0.1x the Decathlon Bonus
  • Silver members receive 1x the Decathlon Bonus
  • Gold members receive 2x the Decathlon Bonus
  • Platinum members receive 3x the Decathlon Bonus
  • Diamond members receive 4x the Decathlon Bonus

For complete details of the Decathlon Event and Rules

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