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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 139
September 2014
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Changes to Guest Membership

The following changes were introduced today to the Guest Membership Help Topic:

  • The Entry Bonus was increased to 1000 YEPs.
  • They are eligible to play in Tourneys and Events up to 100 YEPs Fees; this means they will now be able to participate in Decathlon and PAT Championship.

Eliters offers FREE Guest Memberships to everyone, and will supply every new Guest Member with 1000 YEPs free upon joining. 

Guest Memberships, however, are differentiated from Premium Memberships in the privileges and benefits attached to them.

The following rules apply to Guest Memberships:

  • Guest Members must provide certain information to make registration more serious and to prevent multiple IDs and banned players from re-registering (First Name, Last name, Location, Date of Birth, email).

  • Guest Memberships are good for 1 Year, as long as they are active.

  • Guest Memberships expire after 3 months inactivity. Expiration will result in the Freezing the Membership. However, the Member ID, Stats and YEPs balance will remain in the database for 3 Months to allow upgrade to Premium Membership, after which the Member ID will be removed completely.
  • Premium Members not renewing or upgrading their Premium Membership are downgraded to a special Guest Membership "Bronze" valid for 6 Years.
  • Guest Members will have “blank” status in Players lists. Bronze Members will be having a "B" to identify them.

  • Guest Members may play only in tourneys and Events up to 100 YEPs fees.

  • Guest Members will not be eligible to participate in special Events or Tourneys (ELIC, Nascar, Super Cup, TOC, Olympics, etc). However, they will be eligible to participate in Marathon Day tourneys and MDC (Marathon Day Championship), and in BOS Tourneys and Championships, as well as any Events designed for Guests only.
  • Guest Members; in addition to the above Events, will be eligible to participate in the Decathlon Tourneys, and in PAT Championships, they will also get the Bounty if they win the Bounty Holder; however they will only earn 10% of the YEPs Bonus associated with these Events.

  • Guest Members will be included in the active Players list as long as they have been active within the last 3 Days.
  • Guest Members will be able to see detailed logs for the most recent week only (Matches, Tourneys, YEPs).

  • Guest Members, who purchase Premium Membership during their Guest Membership or the following 3 Months, will guarantee benefiting from the YEPs balance and will be able to keep their accumulated stats, and earn all Badges previously earned before their upgrade.

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