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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 143
January 2015
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A SlamDoc21 Christmas to remember and share!

Fredrick "SlamDoctor" Thompson has always been a man of faith. Sixteen years ago he lost his mother, god mother, best childhood friend's mother, and then almost lost his own life in the year of 1998. 

The doctors fought hard to save Fred's life and they succeeded. But through it all it was not all of the hands of the medical team, medicines, and machines. 

It was the faith and prayers within Fred and other friends, family and medical staff, angels, and The Father God and His Son Jesus that helped Fred have enough strength to pull through his tragic accident and stressed life that almost succeeded in depression. 

Fred is still here on this Christmas to celebrate not just Jesus' birth, but his on life saved from the wreck and a overdose administered by a certified licensed nurse in the ICU later during the recovery from neck/spinal surgery. 
The Doctor thought that Fred's neck brace would be on at least 6 months. But God favored Fred and it was taken off within two months. 

Another Doctor thought that Fred would need fluid drawn from both of his lungs that collapsed one at a time, giving Fred a touch of pneumonia, but his lungs refilled themselves through the grace of God. And the day the doctor ran tests on Fred's lungs, they found that the fluids were gone and Fred had a set of lungs longer and larger than they've ever x-rayed in their long life of experience. 

The doctors also predicted that Fred's hospital stay would be longer and would have to be moved to a room on the hospital's floor. But God stepped in and changed that and had all of the instruments removed from Fred's body and told him one of the best gifts of all a few days before Christmas. 

They said, Mr. Thompson, you are well enough to go home a few days before Christmas and enjoy your family and friends at your own home for the rest of the holidays. And then you'll follow up in January for therapy in Jackson Ms. at MMRC. 

Fred and his fiance were so proud and happy of the news, and more grateful that the Lord blessed Fred to do those things. 

And Fred is here 16 Christmas' later to testify that there is a Good God and Jesus whom helped spare Fred's life all of these years throughout many more years, and some more life threatening storms of event with Fred's body to show and prove that anything is possible through Jesus and God who strengthens Fred to do all things. 

This is my Christmas Story and testament. May God favor all of you. Thanks to all for prayers, thoughts, and material gifts, and hands on help throughout these stormy years. 

God be with us, in Jesus' name. Amen

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