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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 144
February 2015
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Pino Safe Harbor is ALIVE and WELL


Pinochle in Safe Harbor is up an running. Almost all bugs have been resolved and the site really looks good. 

Here are a few options that this site offers that will help some that are newer players. 

1. Meld counting: when your hand comes up for you to bid you can click on a button that says "SEE MELD". This button will show you the amount of meld you have in your hand. If you have a run you would count 15 points plus the Meld that is shown. Runs are not counted in the Meld shown. Example: clicking on the MELD button shows you your meld and says you have 32 meld. You also see you have a run in Spades and if you are thinking of taking the bid you would add 32 to the 15 point spade run for a total of 47. If you don't have a run with the meld or a strong hand then you would only bid the 32 meld for your partner to decide on. You get the idea??? 

TABLE SETTING: If you are making the table then you will get the box that says Pinochle Game Options: 
You would set the table to Winning Score of 500(1) and then cick on hand limit(whatever the tourney page says for hands(2) and then check the Disable Bot play(3) and then check the SHOW Hand Points(4) 

Show hand points is the tally of points during the hand that helps you keep track of how many points you have gotten towards saving your hand. 

Minimum of 20 for board or to start: This has been fixed so that if your team doesn't have a minimum of 20 to start the hand the system will automatically "throw the hand" and your team is set. The opponents will get there meld and you proceed to the next hand. 

BOTS: This feature is a good one for those who want to come in and learn from playing the computer. You could just open a table and uncheck the disable bot button and then you can practice. This tool is really helpful for those who want to learn the game. A BOT CANNOT Yell at you--lololol. 

SO COME ON OVER and see this GREATTTTTTTTTT Game room and see what our friends at Safe Harbor have done for us. 

See ya Soon, 



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