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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 148
June 2015
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Another Eliter has passed away

Sad New on Tina aka Vtspirit

  • Its with such a heavy heart to let you eliters know that today, Tina has passed away.. She will be missed so much by all that loved her.. Just glad your not in pain anymore.. Love you Tina

  • RIP Tina, you will be sadly missed by everyone who knew you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all your family at this very sad time

    Baz adclerk2001
  • OMG no way!!! I knew she wasnt doing well but its so soon!!! Ty for the sad sad news...Im so happy shes not hurting anymore but i miss her soooooo much!!! I cant stop crying!! I love you Tina baby R.I.H baby and the family is in my thoughts and prayers :(

  • Rest in peace lovely Tina, there is sure to be a lot of empty spots in the hearts of our Eliter family

  • r.i.p. my friend. 

    You were always honest and what you saw is what you got. You were a loyal and funny friend. I am sorry for all the times I meant to call and didn't. I hope you know in my heart that I loved you. 

    We sure had some good times. 

    My heart breaks for the pain you had to endure and now the great emptiness left in the lives of those who loved you. One day, my friend, we shall crib again.

  • Oh no! Not T! 

    Tina was person who didn't mind speaking her opinions on anything whereas she was a part of. Tina would greet me in the lobbies as "Hello F", and I'd reply "Hello T". I've been missing her at the tables, in my tourneys, and in the lobbies for some time now. To me, she was a very skillful gin player, although she played many of Eliters Tourneys and Games, she was an Eliters' Member and part of our Eliters' Family. Personally, I will miss her, it is very sad to lose a person to death. I'm sure she'll be missed by many, a huge number of hearts will mourn, and all of her family and friends will be in pain.

    T, I'll see you in the Great Heavens one day, and will want to play you in some friendly games of gin. I'm sad to see you go, however, I'm happy that you're not in pain and suffering. Rest in Paradise T, you will be missed and never forgotten. 

    To all of Tina's family and friends, may the good Lord Almighty rest His hands upon you, His arms around you, and His peace and love on you. Tina has fought her battle and is at rest now. I'm very sorry for your loss. 

    May God be with you all, 
    Fred bka Slammer or Doc
    Lord, take the Soul of this thy Servant departed and grant her an entrance into the Land of Light and Joy.

    To the friends and loved ones left behind, give them sure Faith and Trust in Thee and Thine infinite wisdom and pour Thy Divine Consolation into their hearts.




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