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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 15
May 2004
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Decathlon Champs

Congratulations on Winning this Event of Persistence. Your Dedication has earned you this achievement.

League Decathlon Champion
Backgammon - Pogo   nataliyand74
Backgammon - Yahoo!   chis1967
Canasta - Yahoo!   pantose
Cribbage - Pogo   jazzzmom54
Cribbage - Yahoo!   ocean_girltu
Dominoes - Pogo   rubens19762004
Dominoes - Yahoo!   dextrosa2000
Euchre - Pogo   lovexlaxpolka7
Euchre - Yahoo!   play_the_spades
Go Fish - Yahoo!   chvy8laady
Gin Rummy - Yahoo!   dlovell3  doctor8ball_in_elite
Hearts - Yahoo!   rugoodenuf_2004  trapt605
Literati - Yahoo!   tinkermebellie84
Pinochle - Yahoo!   badboyofpinochle
Pool - Pogo   laypipe00l
Pool - Yahoo!   sweet_in_elite
Spades - Pogo   hightilidie421
Spades - Yahoo!   smilsr4uall

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