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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 18
August 2004
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Personal Announcements

On August 6th at the Pucho Olivencia Center in Buffalo, I get to Sing the National And Puerto Rican Anthem with Hillary Clinton and the Senator of NY present. The Pucho Olivencia Center in Buffalo Ny is building a new Gym and the guest speaker is Hillary Clinton.

jordan aka jayskater85

Hi all,

As a few of you may have noticed I have not been around at all recently, this is because my partner has been pregnant and has been in and out of hospital for the last 2 months or so.

Well my good news is that on Sunday 25th July at 1pm she gave birth to our son named Jon, he is 2 months early (28 weeks) he was not due until the end of September but he has has decided to make a early apperance, he weighed 2lb 12oz and will have to stay in hopsital in special baby care unit for at least 8 weeks, but he is doing fine & breathing on his own with no problems at all :)

My partner will be home on Thursday hopefully so we will both be at the hopsital with Jon most days. I have put a picture of him on my yahoo profile for you all to see >>>HERE

My other 2 kids are on school holidays for 6 weeks, so this came at a very busy time for me, I should be around Eliters more within the next few days, I do check the EDS, email & off-line messages everyday so if you need to contact me then im here as normal.

See ya's all soon !!

sidewinder42069 aka Richard

Ginmaster333 is with the American Military and is currently stationed in Iraq. His current mailing address follows:

PFC Culler
B Co 10th Sig BN
Camp Victory North
APO AE 09303

He is asking for anyone to send games, magazines, newspapers, snacks, letters, books or anything else that may occupy their time. He will share whatever is sent with his platoon. Please remember to keep any thing you send appropriate for the culture they are in.

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