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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 22
December 2004
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Playsite Spotlight

Eliters currently hosts tournaments, divisional play, and challenge matches in three gaming sites: Colony, Pogo, and Yahoo. Each month we will spotlight one of these playsites and provide you more information on how to navigate through what they have to offer.

This month's Spotlight is Pogo Games.

Pogo Games is a collection of free, Java-based games on the Web. Some of the games are multi-player games and can be played with anyone connected to the Internet, while other games are single player. Many of these single-player games can be downloaded to your computer to enable you to play while not connected to the internet.

Club Pogo, launched July 23, 2003, is a premium subscription to Pogo.com with additional features above and beyond Pogo itself. Features of Club Pogo are: No Ads or Intermissions, Doubled Jackpots, Exclusive Games, Private Chat, Game Badges, etc. Club Pogo has many games that can only be accessed if you have Membership or AOL as your provider.

Eliters currently hosts Regular Pogo tourneys in Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Euchre, High Stakes Poker, Pool, and Spades. In addition to these leagues, Eliters recently launched leagues in the following Club Pogo games: Canasta, Gin Rummy, Pinochle, and Texas Holdem.

What are Club Pogo's Premium Badges? The Badges are small picture icons that appear next to your name in the "Who's Here" list and in your Pogo Profile. Pogo offers challenges each week to complete and win Pogo Tokens and a particular Badge. Currently there are two Challenges offered per week and one Personal Challenge in which you may select a past challenge to earn that Badge. Additionally, some games have their own Badges for reaching particular levels. Once you have a collection of them you may pick and choose which one you want to display at any time.

New to Eliters -- You may now use your US $$ Account Balance or YEPs Balance to purchase Club Pogo membership for you or any of your friends. Visit the Eliters Store to purchase your membership.

We invite you to try Pogo Games and try out these fun leagues Eliters has to offer.

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