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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 24
February 2005
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Eliters 5th Anniversary Celebration Recap

We had such a Great 5th Anniversary Celebration! We hosted two new Events, offered special bonuses for membership purchases and Gold Box clicks, rewarded our "Super TDs" who have hosted over 1000 tourneys, and introduced the first (in a series of) Eliters Spinners single-player games.

Player Appreciation Tourneys (PAT)

We introduced a series of tourneys for Premium players. Each week we invited players who played at least 14 tourneys in the previous week. The league added 50 YEPs per player as bonus to these tourneys.

  • 47 Tourneys
  • 11 Leagues
  • 389 Players participated
  • 19,450 YEPs Bonuses paid
Random Silver Anniversary Event

Two generous Eliters donated 20 Silver memberships. These memberships were given away to the 5th seed in a series of tourneys.
  • 20 Tourneys
  • 17 leagues
  • 515 Players participated
  • 20 Silver memberships awarded
Premium Membership Special offer

We offered special bonuses for players purchasing premium memberships during our Anniversary. 486 Members benefited from the Special offer of 200 – 2000 YEPs bonus.

Gold Box Super Jackpot

We increased the number of jackpot spins per day and added prizes up to 4000 YEPs. We had 208 Gold Box Jackpot winners, including
  • 32 x 4000 YEPs
  • 81 x 2000 YEPs
  • 95 x 1000 YEPs
Super TDs

We rewarded each TD with more than 1000 tourneys hosted by special bonuses.
  • 81 Super TDs were awarded 99,000 YEPs Bonuses
  • Each Super TD (over 1000 Tourneys) got a Super TD Star added to his/her ID

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