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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 25
March 2005
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A Message of Hope

In June 2002 Finchhope, a retired clerk joined Eliters after tiring of the rudeness at the regular pinochle tables. Finch, age 71, has been a steadfast Eliter all these years and even ventured to Michigan to meet many of the Eliters in 2003. Finch has always been the source of great entertainment in Pinoy with her sharp wit and funny comments, not to mention she is one heck of a player!

This past summer, Finch’s daughter was critically ill and in a coma, and it was then she realized that Eliters was much more than a league. It was a support network of friends who really cared about each other.

In January, Finch suffered a series of falls in her home and ended up in the hospital. At that time the doctors discovered her oxygen was very bad and they kept her there. She was moved eventually to a rehabilitation hospital.

It was not like Finch to not be online, and the Eliters set out to find her. After combining resources they found her at a hospital in Pittsburgh and began to call and send cards. She was moved to the rehabilitation hospital and the Eliters followed her there. Finch received cards, balloons, flowers and supportive phone calls from so many different Eliters.

Day by day she began to improve and her oxygen levels began to rise. The phone calls continued until the day that Finch reported she had received a “go home” date. Finch did not think she would ever go home and she says it was the calls and the show of concern and care that helped her get strong and want to come home again to see her friends. In between times where there were no calls, she read the cards she received over and over. The calls and cards made her realize, she wasn’t just a player at Eliters. She was a much loved friend and people missed her.

Finch is now home and back online and back in the pinoy lobby.

Finch learned that Eliters isn’t just about yeps, games, stats or ratings. It’s a family of people who love and support each other and who are there for each other when things get tough.

When asked what she would say if she could tell Eliters one thing, her response was: “I think the most impressive thing about Eliters is how they all think of someone in their time of need. They are always there to brighten you up and hope for you to get better. They think of people.”

Article submitted by xvxwickdxvx.

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