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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 26
April 2005
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Eliters is Bringing Back Silver Membership Prizes

Good News! Eliters is bringing back Silver Memberships as prizes for special tourneys! Read the details here!

How Do I know if it's a Silver Prize tourney?

Silver Membership Prize tourneys will be designated by an "S" in the Prize column on the Calendar Page. It will also list the Silver prize in the Special Bonus column on the tourney page.

How is the winner determined?

Previously, when the winner was announced at the beginning of the tourney, many of the players who didn't win left the tourney. This creates more work for the TDs and less fun for the remaining players. Now, we've added some mystery to the winner selection! No one will know who wins before the end of the tourney - even the TD will be surprised! The system will randomly pick a winner and post it on the tourney page once the tourney is finished. The prize is automatically (and immediately) transferred to the winner.

In order to retain the prize, the winner must have played in the tourney - without being timed out or DQ'd. If the system chooses a player who was absent from the tourney, the TD will let us know and the prize will be then rewarded to the player in the immediate lower seed. This transfer will take place within 24 hours of the tourney.

If I want to donate one or more Silver memberships for a special event, how do I do this?

Both TDs and players can donate Silver memberships for these great tourneys!

These prizes can be funded from either your YEPs account (3000 YEPs) or your Cash account ($10). If you already have the funds in either of these accounts, the amount will be deducted as your request is approved. If you need to deposit money into your account, you can refer to Help Topic 1551 for more information.

If you are a TD, you should submit a tourney milestone request to your League Admin, as you normally would. If the Silver is donated by a Member for multiple Leagues/Tourneys (like we did with the 5th Anniversary Random Silvers), the request should be emailed to the VP Marketing for approval.

When you send your email request, please include the following information:

  • The number of Silvers you would like to donate (limit of one per individual tourney)
  • The leagues you would like the tourneys to be held in
  • The special occasion you would like celebrated (so we can appropriately advertise and name the tourneys)
  • If your donation is anonymous or if you can be named
  • Timeframe (day of week and time of day) you would like to hold the tourney(s). We will do our best to honor these requests.
Once approved, advance payment of the Silver Memberships should be made by the Donor. A member of the Marketing/Events team will coordinate the creation and advertisement of the Tourneys with the League HAs.

What happens if I'm already a Premium member?

If the selected Player is already a Premium Member, s/he will get 1500 YEPs.

I didn't win a membership, but would like to purchase one for myself or a friend. How can I do this?

More information on all Premium Memberships can be found on the Eliters Main page in the bottom left link for Premium Memberships. To view the benefits for all memberships, refer to the Membership Comparison chart.

More Information

For more information on Tourney prizes, refer to Help Topic 2122.

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