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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 28
June 2005
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New ... Site Development

Help Topics

The size of the each Help Topic may now include unlimited number of characters; this will make it possible to include the full text of a certain unique subject in a single Topic. The Help Topics list is more meaningful, shorter, and faster to search.

We will start gradually merging the Help Topics related to the same subject under one ID.

Gold box and Spinners

The Gold Box and each of the Spinners are now supplied with a Game Account to easily monitor your playing patterns and wins:

  • Refill the Game Account on Start from your YEPs Balance; Refill amounts are in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 YEPs.
  • Play using the Game Account Balance; it will reduce the available balance with the YEPs per Hit.
  • If you win, the Prize will be added to your Game Account Balance.
  • You can Cash out the Game Account Balance any time; it will be added back to your YEPs Balance.
  • You may also leave the Game Account Balance in the machine; the Balance will be there for you when you return to continue playing.
The Main Gold Box now is open for unlimited hits, and the Gold Plus Members still get double the Prizes.

Play Rooms

  • The Play Rooms Headers were removed at the request of so many Players, to achieve faster access and better usage of the screen space available.
  • The Links to the Rooms were incorporated in most pages, especially My Tourneys; for faster access.
  • Some XP and certain browsers users are having problems accessing Yahoo! Rooms. We have added a new Tool to help you fix these problems; go to Edit My Account http://www.eliters.com/games/main/edituser.asp and alternate Yes/No in the Yahoo Java.
Cancelled Tourneys

The system used to Delete the Fees from the YEPs Log, and refund the Players. Now the system will keep the entry for the Tourney Fees and make a New entry for the Tourney Fees Refund; so Players will be sure that the Fees were fully refunded.

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