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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 30
August 2005
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What Makes Eliters Different

Last month we asked you "What makes Eliters different?", and 281 of you told us!

Of the given options, the results are:

  • 24/7 Tourney Coverage - 14%
  • Friendly and Family Atmosphere - 14%
  • Friendly and Helpful Tournament Directors and Staff - 13%
  • User-Friendly, Professional Site - 13%
  • Wide Variety of Games - 11%
  • Skilled Competition - 9%
  • Unique and Challenging Special Events - 9%
  • Multiple Playsites - 6%
  • Great Prizes - 6%
We also asked for your testimonials. We want to use your own words to tell the online community what a great league we have. The feedback was gathered and votes tabulated, and the following Eliters each won one of the 10 Grand Prizes of 1000 YEPs for their submissions:
  1. "Whether you're looking for fun, friends or fierce competition, you find it all with Eliters. The developers, administrators and players are simply Elite." Angela (snowa1969nl)

  2. "Eliters is a family! Great players and staff. Always looking to improve on an already cutting-edge system that is like no other anywhere on the net!!" Rich (richjb54)

  3. "I've been in Eliters since 2001. It's the only league out there where it is not only a competition between players, but at the same time, a second family to us." Michael (morgieelite)

  4. "The name of the league says it all. This site just keeps getting better and better: the family atmosphere, the professionalism of the staff, and the games coverage." Barry (adclerk2001)

  5. "Eliters is more than merely a tourney site, like some others would prefer to be. It is instead a global family of people who share a special comeraderie." Bill (wabbit1699)

  6. "Elite is the league that is family focused and has 24/7 tourneys. When real life gets people down, they know they can always come here and feel welcome." Paul (aking2b1)

  7. "Hats off - Eliters... A respectable league for respectable people." Jessica (elite_kat_nip)

  8. "You can always find a tourney, in almost any game you want, any time of day or night." Thomas (tebaize)

  9. "I wandered into the Pinochle lounge over two years ago; I have never left eliters and have never wanted to. The bases of a family league and good clean fun is what has kept me. The fact that the TDs of Eliters keep things running smooth is an asset. I became a TD to help give back everything that eliters has given me. God bless you for starting this fantastic league." Elsie (darkangel_110)

  10. "The pages of Eliters are very easy to navigate. The professionalism of the administration is way above other leagues, as they seek to make Eliters the best it can be." Felix (felix8138)
The prizes don't stop there! We received so many great responses that we are giving 10 additional Honorable Mention prizes of 250 YEPs each! Those winners will be announced in the clubs in a few days.

Thanks to you all for such an enthusiastic response! We appreciate all of your comments and your support as we continue to grow and evolve.

Stop by your favorite game and play a few tourneys with us!

See the results of the poll

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