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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 30
August 2005
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What a Writer!!

Dubberdoo..May I have your autograph for when you become a famous author.....thanks for the great story, and thanks for all the hard work you do for Eliters.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a lovely specimen of a child, named Margaret_aussie. One day as Margaret dozed off to sleep she dreamed she was outside in her yard playing, and storm suddenly came up and swept her off to Elitersland!!

As Margaret gathered her wits about her, she happened to notice a very shy and timid TD named April_showers walking along a yellow brick road. Margaret approached April, who told told her of a great Wizard that she was trying to find. You see April was YEPless, and she needed to find the great GOODWRENCH to help her in her plight.

Margaret thought about this for a moment and wondered to herself, "could this wonderful Wizard Goodwrench help her to find her way to America?" She decided to join April on her search for the great Wizard.

As they traveled along, they came across someone else walking along the path. On closer inspection he was tossing around beer cans and yelling, "How can I spam if I don’t have a spam program?" He looked bewildered so April and Margaret introduced themselves. They found out the man's name was Dallastribe and that he and his bdddy had gotten separated when they were out drinking the night before. Dallas had hailed a cabman to take him to the great Wizard, but along came a vt_spirit who jumped in the cab before Dallas could. The next thing Dallas knew was that he was on the yellow brick road with carrotblossoms growing all around him and lollipops filling the treetops.

April and Margaret told Dallas of their adventure to find the Wizard Goodwrench, and they all decided that perhaps he could be the one to help them.

As they walked along, they spotted someone in the distance, it was BigDale. Margaret, being the most outgoing of the group, called out to him asking, "Are you lost, my friend"? BigDale said “No.” He was just at Eliters.com when suddenly he got attacked by evil_in_euchre. Then out of nowhere came a euchygoddess to take away his aceeater and make him a bower_maniac, when all he really needed was a screen hunter program.

Margaret, April, and Dallastribe all put their heads together and decided that they would invite BigDale to join them on their search for the GOODWRENCH.

As they traveled along the yellow-brick road, the group started singing merrily -- songs about luvinkissess and something about being a singlesoul. They passed by the home of vixen_deb, where there was a party going on for sistersara's, golfcrazy friend Kristi. Ccspacepet sat sipping i_am_the_coca, and Jbailey and lindsayjo were also there. Believe it or not, they were having a bra removal contest.

They continued down the yellow-brick road only to see a house in the shape of elephant_ears, where ejhoff and bo_mcbride were betting on the outcome of a pistonfvr game. Out in the yard prince_valiant was trying to tame a great lynx.

They finally arrived at the Great Wizard Goodwrenches only to be met by at the door by a Warmbunnie, telling them if they wished hard enough and long enough, their wishes would be granted: a trip to America, many YEPs, a spam program, and a screen hunter.

Suddenly Margaret awoke from her dream only to realize she was late to open her tourney.

....you see, this story may suck, but with Eliters TDs, many wishes can come true!!

AUTHOR...none other then our very own Debz!! (Debzgame, Euchy)

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