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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 31
September 2005
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Chrismas in August - Euchre Style

Euchre Yahoo (Euchy) celebrated Chrismas on August 18th in a fun night of tourneys. Did you miss it? You can still read all about it here!

How fitting for our Christmas in August, then to have a Christmas tale, done in Eliters fashion. Grab a drink, put your feet up, and sit back and relax. (This ride could get bumpy.)

Christmas is August, oh what a blast, you've been out tending gardens and cutting the grass!! No Shopping, no parcels, no big feasts to prepare...you sit at your computer and silently stare....What is the matter with this Euchre admin...I think they have lost it ...Oh yes...I mean Once again

Jr in his setting britches and deb on his lap (giggles at tina)...had just settled in..to fill in the gap...for their missing warmbunnie..away for a spell ...Jr and deb putting their heads together ...ohh what a smell..the two must be thinking...Is that rubber pray tell?

How could they make Euchre the best on the net...close as it was...there was still room to improve, they bet. They poked and they proded and encouraged their best to come up with ideas, to fill in their guests. ..the tds had worked their fingers to the bone...to get a few new folk to call this their home!

The old players are great there is no doubt about that....with coho and bobadvice, and oma for sure...there's Wendy and Smitty and Kelly who endure...all the changes we make..to fill in their day...and make Eliters euchre the best place to play!

Suddenly it dawned on us, oh what a pair. Christmas in August..no time to dispair. There were tourney's to set, and bonuses to add. Oh and lets not forget the fun to be had!

So sit back relax, and enjoy a few games, but remember if you want the best, here is the name.....Eliters Euchre Yahoo!! This is no test..its simple, so merely forget all the rest!

August 18th - 6 Tourneys - 176 Total Players... Sorry I missed it! Can't wait until next August!

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