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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 31
September 2005
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EDS Win Claim Revisions

As we start this new EDS period, several improvements have been made to the EDS Win Claim process. Please review these changes at the following Help Topics:

  • 2632 - Matches Play
  • 2634 - Unplayed Matches
  • 2635 - Attempts to Play
Here are some of the highlights

To make a Win Claim against any of your opponents you must:
  • make a minimum of 3 valid attempts
  • offer at least 24 hours in advance to play
  • use Eliters Messenger (EM) on your division page
  • direct your message to specific players, with specific schedule suggestions
We are asking that players offer a minimum of 3 different days with enough time span for each attempt (2 hours minimum). We will now be only counting those attempts after 5 days from Period Start Date. The reason for this is to keep attempts spread throughout the period. Many players find and play the majority of their matches in the first few days of the period. If you are not able to find your opponent early in the period, use this opportunity to advertise your schedule and availability in EM.

We encourage any method of contact to find your opponent and play your match; however only attempts on Eliters Messenger (EM) on the division page will count as your "valid" attempts to claim a win for unplayed matches.

The attempt must be directed at a Specific Player with specific Schedule Suggestions, examples below.

Valid Attempts
  • balouza, I will be here Mon & Tue 1pm till 6pm, is that good for you? (This will count as 2 valid attempts.)
  • lisaleasah, I will be here tomorrow between 2pm - 6pm, can we play? (This will count as 1 valid attempt.)
  • richf1fan, can we play anytime Wed, Thur, or Fri between 1:00am and 2:00pm? (This will count as 3 valid attempts.)
Always try to give at least a 2 hour time span; and if you use the exact ID this suggestion will appear in Bold Red on your opponent’s EM.

Invalid Attempts
  • Hey Issa, when are you free, buzz me plz (This will not count as valid attempt -- No Clear ID, No Specific Days or Hours).
  • Hey Lisa, Im here for a couple of hours tomorrow, we need to play (This will not count as valid attempt -- No Clear ID, No Specific Hours).
  • Rich, I am here for a couple of hours do you want to play?? (This will not count as valid attempt -- No Clear ID, Not enough Notice).
  • If your opponent leaves you time suggestions that do not work with your schedule, be sure to respond with an alternative date and time, again minimum 2 full hours but not necessarily 24 hours in advance.
  • If you are available at the specified time, and your opponent does not show, please document this on EM.

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