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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 33
November 2005
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Champions Hall of Fame

Divisions Champions (EDS)

  • Lemmy717 Still tops the list with 40 Stars.
  • theboop512002 wwwwwoooooowwww, WTG for winning 4 more stars this month and, although remaining in second position with 30 Stars, steadily advances toward the top.
  • balouza won 1 more star, but is still in third position with 24 Stars.

Eliters' Olympic Champions

  • humpco99 still tops the Olympics Medalists with 16 Medals in total and 7 Gold Medals. It is very sad that he will not be able to defend his title anymore.
  • mikey444u remained in the second position with 6 Gold Medals, and 9 Medals in total.
  • haha2105 maintained the 3rd positions with 8 Medals in total, including 4 Gold Medals.
  • miller_man278 won 2 consecutive Gold Medals in the last 2 month, he advanced the 7th positions with 11 Medals in total, including 3 Gold Medals. One more Gold medal and he can take the 3rd position from haha2105. Heidi, watch it.

TOC Champions

  • immunity777 still tops the list with 23 victories.
  • miller_man278 won 1 more TOC Championships, and still holds the second place, but with 21 victories.
  • Buskey1980 remained in the third place, with 13 TOC victories.

Decathlon Champions

  • miller_man278 still holds the top position honor, having 15 wins.
  • Lemmy717 remained in second position, with 14 wins.
  • jazzzmom54 remained in third position, with 8 wins.

Marathon Champions

  • miller_man278 won 1 more Marathon, and now dominates the top with 9 victories.
  • Buskey1980 moved to the second position with 8 wins.
  • mikey444u remained in third position with with 7 wins.

Congratulations to all who won these fun Eliters' Events. Compete in upcoming events for your chances to move up these lists!

Check the detailed Hall of Fame

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