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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 33
November 2005
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Who is Haunting LITY?

The Literati Yahoo (LITY) rooms were haunted in October by a mysterious Eliter, wycked_lity_wytch. Just who was this Eliter in disguise?

Could it be Tessa or Cat? Raych or Chevy? One of the Becca's?

Swisham72 denies her gambling urges (thankfully, because $1000 is a lot to lose!) but still puts her vote to Chevy. BZZZZZZ, wrong!

Chicana323SCLA reported getting spooky emails from the wycked wytch, and thought it had to be Cat, Ray, Nove, or Woo. BZZZZZZ, wrong!

Cloudsburst thinks Wickd is sneaking around LITY rooms haunting our members. BZZZZZZ, wrong!

FeartheGore34 was too busy winning the Decathlon to hazzard a guess, but maybe that's for the best. We have a really sneaky wytch!

Chvy8laady wonders when-oh-when will this mystery be solved? Is she trying to throw people off her trail?

Woo8fan tries to convince us she's had "no computer access". Yeah, right. Do we believe that?

Fr0ggie_h0p provided us with play-by-play updates of the haunting and even ventured a few guesses of her own - Mimi, Cat, or Kimmie. BZZZZZZ, wrong! Pregnancy hormones? Or just bad sushi?

The Big Reveal

The night came for us to find out who wore the wytch's hat. However, the ghost of Gibberish spoiled the plans! Our very own Cloudsburst was going to show us that SHE was behind the curtain, but couldn't get online to work her magic! How's that for timing? She sends a message to all of her LITY family: "BOOOOOOOO!!! to all of you SPOOKTAKULAR fellow Elite Literati TDs. I've said it before and I'll say it numerable times in the future you are and we are a GRRRRRRRRREAT bunch!!!!!! "

What a great time everyone had guessing the Wycked Wytch of Lity! Thanks for the fun!

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