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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 35
January 2006
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Eliters 6th Anniversary

We have a month full of rewards to our valuable Eliters to celebrate Eliters 6th Anniversary! Watch the clubs and League pages for announcements of these great specials!

Player Appreciation Tourney (PAT)

    For January 2006, Eliters will increase the YEPs bonus for players registered from 25 yeps per player to 50 YEPs! What does this mean for you? If 10 players register, 500 YEPs bonus added by the league!. If 20 players register, 1000 YEPs bonus added by the league!

    For more information on the PAT event, refer to Help Topic 2537. If you have qualified for the Invite to your League PAT, don't forget to register and take some of those Bonus Yeps!!!

Marathon Events
    For January 2006, Eliters will increase the YEPs in the Marathon Bonus Pot to 10 YEPS per player per tourney! Double the Bonus Pot!

    Check out the Events Calendar to see information on the Marathon schedule of your favorite league.

Premium Membership Purchases
    Act before 1/15/06 and all Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Premium Memberships purchased will get both membership bonuses: The Monthly YEPs installments plus the Daily Activity Bonuses.

    Renew your Premium Membership or buy a Membership for your friends or loved ones before 1/15/06, and the recipient will get one of the following Special Gifts from Eliters:
    • Gold -- 200 YEPs monthly, added to your account on the first day of the next 11 months
    • Platinum 6 Months -- 1000 YEPs monthly, added to your account on the first day of the next 5 months
    • Platinum 12 Months -- 1000 YEPs monthly, added to your account on the first day of the next 11 months
    • Diamond -- 2500 YEPs monthly, added to your account on the first day of the next 5 months

    To order a Premium Membership visit the Premium Membership page.

EDS Subscription Savings
    Buy an EDS Subscription and save up to 33% until 1/15/06:
    • One Year (24 Periods): US$ 24.95 or 4000 YEPs -- save US$ 11.05 or 1500 YEPs
    • 6 Months (12 Periods): US$ 14.95 or 2250 YEPs -- save US$ 4.00 or 600 YEPs

    Prizes to all Players can reach up to 850 YEPs per Period. Subscribe Now and don't miss the Fun, the Big Savings, and the Great Prizes

Introduction of GameDesire Leagues to Olympics
    Eliters is excited to announce the addition of GameDesire leagues to the Olympic Schedule. The competition will take place on the 4th full weekend of the month with the following games: Dominoes, Backgammon, Cribbage, Pool8ball, Spades, Pool9ball, and Gin Rummy.

    For a complete schedule refer to the Olympics Events Page. As with the Yahoo! and Pogo events, points will be accumulated for all games and the top 3 Players (Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists) will be awarded additional Bonus Prizes.

    The first GameDesire Olympics Event will take place on Saturday, January 28th, and Sunday, January 29th. Mark your calendars for this great event and be the First to be entered in the Olympic GameDesire Hall of Fame!

Raffle Adds Extra Prizes
    Prizes in Raffle 21 and 22 increased to 15! Raffle Winners can choose from Cash, Premium Memberships, YEPs, EDS Subscriptions, or several prizes from the Eliters store (including T-shirt, cap, mouse pad, strategy books, single-player games, etc). Ticket Price is 100 YEPs each. Once 1000 tickets are taken, the prizes will be announced! Only a few tickets left in Raffle 22. Can we reserve them all and open another Raffle before the end of January for an additional 15 prizes? Get your tickets now!

Random Surprize Bonuses for Premium Members

    Make sure your email address is updated in your Eliters Account Information! Eliters will reward Premium members with random surprize YEPs bonuses in January! Stay tuned to the Clubs for details!

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