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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 36
February 2006
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More Rewards: Changes to the Referral Program

Changes to the Referral Program

We want to continually find ways to reward our members for introducing your friends to Eliters and inviting them to join our great league. We continue to grow, and that's a credit to you!

In our current plans, we are bonusing members 10 YEPs for every member they refer, based on specific guidelines. We are then bonusing an additional 100 YEPs to members when their friend buys a Premium Memberhip.

This program is working well, so we'd like to reward you again by increasing your bonus!

Effective immediately.......

Earn 25 YEPs for every new Member you refer, and who:

  • Registers in Eliters
  • Uses an email not already used for another ID in Eliters
  • Plays and wins at least 1 Match in a Tourney
  • These Referral Bonuses are posted:
  • At the beginning of each week for the whole previous period excluding the last 7 days.
  • After validating the new Member. This bonus will not apply if the Member ID is purged for multiple IDs or any other violation.

    Wait! It doesn't stop here!

    Earn 150 YEPs as soon as your friend buys a Premium Membership.
  • This Premium Referral Bonus is added immediately to your YEPs balance.
  • In case another Member buys the Membership for the new Member, the Premium Referral Bonus goes to the buyer.

    Yes, there is even more!!

    If you are a Gold Plus Member, the referral Bonuses above are DOUBLED!!!

    Come get your YEPs Eliters! Help us spread the word about this GREAT league we have!

    For more details, refer to the Promote Eliters page. There you can find information about how to get the word out about our leagues. We will update it to include this bonus information asap!

    Come play with us! 

  • Promote Eliters and Make YEPs

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