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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 36
February 2006
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Eliters 6th Anniversary

In  January 2006 we had a month full of rewards for our valuable Eliters to celebrate Eliters 6th Anniversay! Some of the rewards and overall success of these awards are as follows:

Player Appreciation Tourney (PAT) Results:

14 wonderful Eliters Leagues hosted and ran this Tourney, which is always held on the second Friday of each month. The special rewards was that for every Eliter that qualified and entered, for 25 YEPs, 50 YEPs were added to the bonus jackpot on behalf of Eliters. The winners are as follows:

Canasta - Pogo! 200 YEPs Bonus mscookiecat
Canasata - Yahoo! 150 YEPs Bonus miller_man278
Cribbage - Pogo! 550 YEPs Bonus sherbear19712005
Cribbage - Yahoo! 600 YEPs Bonus dino23r
Dominoes - Pogo! 250 YEPs Bonus dlovell3
Dominoes - Yahoo! 450 YEPs Bonus kingdomino1
Euchre - Pogo! 400 YEPs Bonus edgejoe52 / player64457
Euchre - Yahoo! 900 YEPs Bonus Bower_Maniac / tanya_ca2002
Gin Rummy - Yahoo! 900 YEPs Bonus mlbrules829
Literati - Yahoo! 350 YEPs Bonus raych1dingbat
Pool 9 - GDesire! 250 YEPs Bonus cdsinagain1
Pool - Yahoo! 450 YEPs Bonus lynxskillz
Spades - Pogo! 300 YEPs Bonus Wsavedwretch / hummngbrd05
Spades - Yahoo! 300 YEPs Bonus sunnyeliter / polarbaby2004

A total of 121 Players played in these tournaments, with a total of 6,050 YEPs given away on behalf of Eliters.

Marathon Events Results:

January 2006 Marathons were held in 20 Leagues throughout Eliters, and it was a resounding success. To help us celebrate our 6th Anniversary, the Bonus Pot went up to 10 YEPs for every person entered per Tourney, making the Pot grow by staggering amounts.

Here is a breakdown of each League and how well they all did:

Backgammon - Yahoo! 2260 YEPs Bonus watson632
Canasta - Pogo! 1710 YEPs Bonus runaway0509
Cribbage - GDesire! 2340 YEPs Bonus roberth243
Cribbage - Pogo! 3680 YEPs Bonus runaway0509
Cribbage - Yahoo! 5840 YEPs Bonus crazedangel6969
Dominoes - Pogo! 2630 YEPs Bonus dlovell3
Dominoes - Yahoo! 4060 YEPs Bonus kingdomino1
Euchre - Pogo! 2620 YEPs Bonus westernpita / crafty12514
Euchre - Yahoo! 4900 YEPs Bonus viking_fan_josh / msloweroxx
Gin Rummy - GDesire! 1530 YEPs Bonus FerBaybee
Gin Rummy - Pogo! 1720 YEPs Bonus wjmunk1
Gin Rummy - Yahoo! 7100 YEPs Bonus SHAGMEISTERR
Hearts - Yahoo! 1680 YEPs Bonus Nick_Esky
Literati - Yahoo! 1720 YEPs Bonus potentissimus
Pinochle - Yahoo! 5100 YEPs Bonus criminally_insaneous / msbratt2006
Pool 8 - GDesire! 2630 YEPs Bonus rockingun
Pool 9 - GDesire! 3390 YEPs Bonus ge0eliter
Pool - Pogo! 1410 YEPs Bonus devilsreject59
Pool - Yahoo! 3100 YEPs Bonus xxSpoilerxx2000
Spades - Yahoo! 3980 YEPs Bonus Luck_silver / sugar_britches0115

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