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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 36
February 2006
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Welcome From Pinochle Yahoo (Pinoy)

The Admin and TDs of every league want all their players to have fun and continue to do so in their prospective leagues. Each and every team does something different to ensure that, and the Pinoy staff have come up with an introduction letter for their players.

Eliters Pinochle

On behalf of all the Eliter Pino TDs we would like to extend a very warm welcome to our league. Eliters Pino is a fun-friendly group of people who strive to keep lobby clean and fun. We offer different versions of pino and listed below is a "cheat sheet" that we have put together to help you get acquainted with how games are played.

1) REG (regular) is regular pinochle. Played 5 hands or 500 points whichever comes first. This of course is also called a bid game.

2) OBP (one bid pino). This game each player can only bid one time per hand. If you bid and the bid comes back to you, you must pass. If you bid again your team is automatically disqualified (DQ'D) and loses the game. This game is sort of tricky on the bid because at times you don't really know if your partner is giving a meld bid or wanting to take the bid themselves and you must use your own judgment. Played 5 hands or 500 points whichever comes first. This is also called a bid game even though its only one bid per person per hand.

3) STD (stick the dealer). This game each player passes to the dealer which of course has the bid for 50. The dealer will call their best suit as trump and play the remaining game as if it were a regular game of pinochle. If you bid and you are not the dealer your team will be automatically dq'd. Played 6 hands or 500 points whichever comes first. STD is considered a non-bid game.

4) REV (Reverse). This game each player also passes to the dealer, however the dealer will call his/her worse suit (with a marriage) as trump. This game you play to lose to win. A few pointers in this game is lead your 10's to pull your opponents A's, Q's to pull their K's etc etc. A good bid on this game is if you go set the 50 which is the bid which of course puts your team at -50 thus having you in the lead. Played 6 hands or 500 points whichever comes first. REV is considered a non-bid game.

Eliters pino also has "special" tournaments from the above listed games that are scheduled. We have TDs vs Players, Marathon Day & Championship, ELIC, Decathlon and Battle of the Sexes (BOS). Watch the lobby and clubs for more details on special tournaments.

Eliters pino has a club page where you can read the news on what's happening and see results of all special tournaments. You can find this on the top of your tournament page marked "Clubs" and then select Pino Yahoo from the drop-down menu on the upper right side of the page.

Our teams are based upon SS (system select) or PS (partner select). On SS the system puts partners together and on PS you make a team with a password and choose your own partner.

If you play in a tournament and win you need to stay in the lobby to wait for the next round of play. Most of our games or single elimination (SE). Once the TD has announced in the lobby "Pairs are Up" then open your tourney page window and refresh it. It will show you who your partner is and what "seed" you have.

To make a tournament table, click "create table" unclick the last 2 boxes and when table pops up immediately make unprotected and then invite your partner, your opponents and the hosting TD.  If you win the game, click back to your tournament page and refresh and it will tell you who you play next. If you do not win the tournament click refresh and if you are player A on the losing team a box will show "report loss" click there and you are done. That same screen will give you the option if you want to enter in the next tournament.

We all hope you enjoy playing in Eliter Pino tournaments and if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask the hosting TD and they will be glad to help you out.

Good Luck and happy pino-ing!!

Eliters Pino Staff

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