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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 37
March 2006
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Day of Rest

Thanks to Ray (lawman20695) for submitting the following article:

5:42 am Awakened By Beagle who was awoke by deer in backyard
5:45 am back to bed
6:10 am Awakened By Lab who needs to go outside
6:16 am back to bed
6:39 am Awakened By Dalmation drinking from porclien water bowl Yuck !
6:40 am Sleep walk to kitchen fill waterbowl
6:41 am Load coffee and water into Mr. Coffee (My Hero)
6:43 am Back to poclien water bowl (Remebers to wipe seat off, dog drool) Yuck !
6:46 am Need that Java ( DOH ! forgot to turn it ON ! )
6:47 am Turns on PC
6:50 am Checks EMAIL (3 TOC Invites !)
6:52 am Registers for Spady Tourney (no nils)
6:53 am Sez Hi to peeps in lobby and goes to grab Coffee thats ready !
7:01 am Rush backs to PC late for Tourney
7:02 am Tables made, invites opponents, game started
7:22 am Opponents Nil (opps ! gga !) Grab MDC Invite say goodbye to peeps in lobby !
7:25 am Head for Shower
7:26 am Shaves (nicks same spot on chin for last 30 yrs)
7:30 am Turns on Shower , and waits for water to warm
7:31 am Climbs into Hot shower followed by Lab (kicks dog out of shower)
7:33 am Beth screams from Bedroom (cant hear clearly ) bet its something about a wet dog !
7:45 am Get scolding from Beth (blah blah blah) Dressed and off to Jiffy-Lube with Tahoe
8:15 am Get to Jiffy-Lube 2nd in Line (Woo Hoo)
8:16 am Get up-sell from Tech (Remebers Millers Jiffy Lube Post)
Really LOLs and gets Queer look from Tech
8:30 am Heads for home with a quick stop @ Star-Bucks (never a quick stop)
8:57 am In-time for another Tourney
9:40 am another MDC Ticket GGA !
9:45 am Back to Jiffy-Lube with Neon
11:00 am Finally get to head of line
11:01 am Get same up-sell from Tech (Gives Tech Eye Roll)
12:20 pm Head for home with a quick stop @ Leftys BBQ (best fish sandwich ever)
1:00 pm arrive home to ringing phone (sister rambling about 2 tires and what an idiot he is)
1:40 pm arrive @ Wal-Mart (wonder if Luxys here lol)
1:42 pm Find sister in Parking lot 2 flats ( blah blah blah) He is an Idiot !
2:30 pm head for home with a stop @ Star-Bucks (ought to by stock)
3:00 pm Home Sweet Home !
3:10 pm Nukes fish and eats (watches ER on TiVo) great episode !
4:00 pm Hearty Tourney ! (grrrr Bles with Yahoo! hand) GGA !
4:35 pm Wife and Sister arrive Home (unload Groceries)
(blah blah blah he is an Idiot) agreed !
5:50 Registers in Spady Tourney ! Lifes Good !

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