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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 37
March 2006
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EDS -- Try it Today!

Eliters Division System (EDS) is currently offered in the following leagues:

  • Backgammon Yahoo (BGY)
  • Cribbage Yahoo (Criby)
  • Dominoes Pogo (Dop)
  • Dominoes Yahoo (Doy)
  • Gin Rummy Yahoo (Giny)
  • Literati Yahoo (Lity)

Starting April 1st, the following league is returning to the lineup:

  • Gin Rummy Pogo (Ginp)

The following leagues have expressed interest and are in the process of applying to be added:

  • Dominoes GameDesire (Dod)
  • Pool 9Ball GameDesire (Pool9d)

We need your support to add these leagues.  We must have a minimum of 20 players agreeing to register to add theses games to the lineup.   Please let the Admin of these leagues know if you are interested in playing. 

What is EDS?

EDS is designed as an ongoing series of True Round-Robin Tournaments in a Match Play format contested in two 14-day Play Periods each month. Players will be seeded into Divisions of up to 10 Players each, and at the end of each Play Period the Divisions will be realigned based on performance in the just-completed Play Period; the Top 3 Players will move up, and the bottom 3 Players will move down one Division. In EDS play every Player completes a match against each other Player in his/her Division during each Play Period.

Each EDS Player is guaranteed to win YEPs, either through one of the Top 3 Prizes (600, 300, 100), or through the 15 YEPs bonus for each Match Win or 5 YEPs for each Match Loss (can reach up to 135 YEPs), or through the Activity Bonus (can reach up to 108 YEPs).

Have you played in the past but not part of the current periods?  EDS has changed quite a bit since its inception.  Read the help topics on the Division page to catch up on all the latest, including the recent changes for unplayed matches and information on win claims.  

Come take part in this exciting ongoing event.  See how you match up to the best in the league.

Register for the next EDS today!

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