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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 38
April 2006
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Acknowledgement of an Eliter

I would like to take some time to acknowledge an Eliter who means the world to me, as a best friend, as a person, and as a fantastic Eliter, that someone is Adclerk2001.  Of course you all know him as Baz, BazBabe, Bazzy Baby! (my personal Nickname hehe) or even Barry. (not a good idea).

Through the months that I have known this wonderful, wonderful person, he has come to be one of my bestest friends in Eliters, probably a better friend then anyone I have evern known in my entire life.  He is a great sport, a great listener, a FANTASTIC player, a dedicated friend, and just an overall AWESOME guy.

He has helped me through some sad times, he has helped celebrate happy times, and he is always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on (even if it is through Yahoo messenger). Night after night he is by my side..giving me advice, asking how was your day today, and whenever there is a problem I'm always there to say (Baz this is all your fault!!!) LOL.

There are many Eliters that I consider friends, some close ones, and some Hi Bye ones. But when it comes to Bazzy, it is more than that. He is my BEST friend..and I feel it should be acknowledged.

He deserves to be acknowledged for being such a great guy and a great friend. I love you very much..and stay just the way you are! 

With Love
Nikki (aka NYctrelo)

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