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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 39
May 2006
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One Question

The following are questions that are posed to everyone in the Clubs from Criby's TD Singingboy_78.  In case you have missed them, do you know the answers?  Some of the Eliters answers are right after the question, and at the bottom of this is the proper answer.

1. 33% of women do WHAT by themselves????

  • Dye their own hair? - newfiecribber
  • put on makeup?  .... oh maybe do dishes - omacando2001
  • all the work in the house - purcelin
  • shop...i know my hubby hates going with me - sugar_britches0115
  • eat - igotyayeps
  • hehehe..pray they dont kill their hubbies? lol..*slings back to doms*..giggles wildly* - BAMSLADYBUG
  • i'd have to guess they live on their own - peekabooyeps
  • Vacuum, wash dishes, dust, mop, do laundry, grocery shop, change/make beds..... ladies, did I miss anything? - singlesoul_1999
  • 33% of women do what by themselves... so that means 67% of women dont do it alone.... well.. in nyc.. most dont jog alone..especially in central park lol... so that can be 33% jog alone... not many live alone... so that's a possible answer.. not many potty alone..lol.. not many fix their house alone (plumbing...etc.)...not many go out alone... (movies..etc) ... geez why u gotta ask such a pita question for? lol - down2brusk...the "pita" of pino
  • play bingo - dinabardsley2005

2. 22% of Women say WHAT is unforgivable on the first date?

  • belching - omacando2001
  • showing up without a condom - NYCtrelo
  • showing up late - purcelin
  • farting - cajrn57
  • forgetting girls name - cajrn57
  • Not having any money - cajrn57
  • to get her pregnant - urrasismine1
  • calling her another's name - amikemendr714
  • Have to pay her on way - perfect29_1
  • giving her a black eye - hurricane_crib
  • talking about an ex - purcelin

3. On average, you will walk 4 miles per year doing what?

  • tapping your kidneys - point_one_osix
  • going to the bathroom - yeppagehog
  • walking to the fridge - elitersdartpro
  • or in your sleep - elitersdartpro
  • going to the mall - NYCtrelo
  • going to fridge...to get wein - omacando2001
  • picking your nose - KrazyJ999
  • or waiting in line - KrazyJ999
  • going for a pee - urrassismine1
  • making your bed - rick_usmc_ret
  • going to bathroom - aking2b1
  • or walking to your car - aking2b1
  • making their bed - mlbrules829
  • making your bed -  mamareg
  • sweeping the floor - amikemendr714


1:  33% of women do WHAT by themselves?

They go on VACATION! 

2: 22% of Women say WHAT is unforgivable on the first date?

Calling her by the wrong name

3:  On average, you will walk 4 miles per year doing what?

Making your bed

If you have enjoyed these questions and answers, please feel free to read the Criby Club for Jason's One Question every week. More to come in the next Eliters Newsletter.

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