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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 39
May 2006
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Eliters IDs

As the days go by and Eliters gets bigger and bigger with more players and playsites, members want to get that perfect ID just for them.  It sometimes gets confusing when going from one playsite to another as to what the rules are concerning Eliters IDs.

As we all know when recruitment is done, we want to encourage members to keep all leagues in mind and understand that Rules are for all three playsites - Yahoo, Pogo and GamesDesire.  Have them pick an ID that will allow them to play anywhere within Eliters without changes down the road.

Just a quick refresher:

Your Eliters User Name must match your Play Site (Yahoo!, Pogo) name exactly. If it does not match, you must:

  • Either acquire the Play Site ID to match your Eliters User Name
  • Or change your Eliters ID to match your Play Site ID
  • Or create a new User Name in Eliters that matches your current play site name.

For this reason, you should always acquire the play site name before creating an Eliters account to match.

Yahoo! IDs with .geo or @sbcglobal.net Affix

  • Those from Geocities can register new IDs in Yahoo without the .geo; this does not apply on sbc as this is an internet connection ID.
  • The best practical solution for both cases is to register an Alias in Yahoo:
    • Go to a Yahoo! game page; at the top left its says Welcome Your ID and an Edit button.
    • Click on the Edit button and make a new ID (Alias). They maintain the original account ID and email.
    • Make the Alias the default so you always come in the Game Room with that ID.
    • Register or change your Eliters ID to match exactly the new Alias.
    • Enter the Alias number on your Eliters account (usually it is 2), so when using the Tourney Page Room Link as a backdoor you will come in the Room with the right ID.

Pogo rules:  

  • Userids must be 4-16 characters.
  • Underscores are not accepted, which means that Balouza_111 and Balouza111 does not match.

GamesDesires IDs Rules:

  • Userids have a limit of 12 characters.  GameDesire is considering the increase of their ID limits however we don't know when this might happen.
  • As a temporary solution and until players can change their ID in all Play Sites to be identical to Eliters ID, Members having Eliters IDs over 12 Characters will be allowed to register only the exact first 12 Characters in GameDesire.
    For example, if someone ID is balouza1234567890 (17 characters) we would consider balouza12345 acceptable in GameDesire, but not balouza12346 or balooza12345 or balouza123 or baluza12345.

A Tad Confused?  Be sure to read the Help Topics for more information.

Read the Help Topics 1301 - 1305 for detailed information

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