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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 39
May 2006
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Decathlon Changes

You Asked.... We Answered.

Starting May, 2006, we are introducing a new Point system for all Eliters Decathlons. We have received great feedback over the last several months and the systems team has worked hard to help satisfy our members.

We will introduce the following changes in the Decathlon starting May 1.

  • A minimum of 4 teams to start a Decathlon tourney (4 players for 1x1 leagues; 8 players for 2x2 leagues. We have found that starting with 3 teams can lead to unfairness in granting points, especially when one player "donates" to help the tourney run. Each tourney must now have a minimum of 4 teams and 2 full rounds.

  • A new point system will be introduced based on the Tourney Size and the Round each Player reaches. We should neither reward nor penalize our members for playing in the smaller tourneys. However, we should find ways to reward players for helping make these tourneys larger.

    New Point System

    Points will be based on which round you survive to, based on the following points:
  • 02 points for Round 1 losing teams
  • 05 points for Round 2 losing teams
  • 08 points for Round 3 losing teams
  • 11 points for Round 4 losing teams
  • 14 points for Round 5 losing teams
  • 17 points for Round 6 losing teams
  • 20 points for Round 7 losing teams

    Applying this point structure to the different-sized tourneys will look like this:

    4 Teams (2 Rounds)
    02 point for Round 1 (semi finalists)
    05 points for the RU
    08 points for the Winner

    5-8 Teams (3 Rounds)
    02 point for Round 1 (losing teams)
    05 points for Round 2 (semi finalists)
    08 points for the RU
    11 points for the Winner

    9-16 Teams (4 Rounds)
    02 point for Round 1 (losing teams)
    05 points for Round 2 (losing teams)
    08 points for Round 3 (semi finalists)
    11 points for the RU
    14 points for the Winner

    17-32 Teams (5 Rounds)
    02 point for Round 1 (losing teams)
    05 points for Round 2 (losing teams)
    08 points for Round 3 (losing teams)
    11 points for Round 4 (semi finalists)
    14 points for the RU
    17 points for the Winner

    The more you keep winning, the higher your point totals will be!

    Let’s all work together to fill these tourneys and help our members get their maximum points! All members will still receive a YEPs bonus (5 YEPs per point) for playing in 10 Decathlon tourneys in a given league. Let’s see how many bonuses we can give!
  • Check out all the May 2006 Decathlons

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