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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 40
June 2006
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Why are there TDs?

Have you ever wondered what makes Eliters players want to become part of the Administration Team in their favorite League?  Do you ever wonder, what makes them do what they do?  Their commitment to the League of their choice? The tireless hours of volunteer time to make your favorite League the best that it can be?  And for what?

If you ask any Tournament Director, AA, HA or any position that is being done by volunteers, you would get all kinds of answers, yet the same tone and thread would be throughout.  Every one of your league's Admin Team will say one common denominator.  “It is fun.  We want to help in any way possible, and that is to provide Tourneys to our players and have a great time in doing so.”

Some players may think that we do this because we make lots and lots of YEPs (10% of the Tourney Pot), but for the most part, this isn’t the primary reason our members become TDs.  I don't think anyone gets YEP rich through hosting and providing Tourneys for you all to play.

So because of this, Eliters is always thinking of ways to attract new players to fill out that TD Application on the League Page and start TDing in their favorite League.  They are always trying to improve ways to say “Thank You” to their dedicated staff.   Starting in May, 2006, there were a few changes in how Eliters wanted to thank everyone, for all their hard work and dedication.

TDs Weekly Bonuses now in US $$

Each week, TDs hosting more than 35 tourneys were awarded YEPs bonuses from Eliters.  These bonuses were over and above what they earned with their individual League rewards.  Starting in May, these league-wide bonuses were changed to Cash bonuses to reward Tourney Activity (above 30 tourneys), Fees Generated (above 15,000 YEPs) and increase the Number of Player in tourneys (above 12 average players).  The intent is not to “pay” TDs for their work, as this is still a volunteer opportunity, but to reward those who go beyond the expectations.  The money generated will allow the TDs to buy slightly more YEPs than those earned according to the previous scheme, if they wish to do so.

Premium Membership TD Bonuses

TDs that have a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond premium membership will now receive an extra bonus, based on their total tourney share during the week as follows:

  • Gold: 10%
  • Platinum: 25%
  • Diamond: 50%

As you can see, this is Eliters’ way of thanking the TDs that put in extra efforts to bring you fun-filled Tourneys and try to keep every schedule filled as much as possible, while supporting Eliters as Premium Members.

Have you ever thought of becoming a TD?  Why not check it out and give us a try? 

Hope to see you all Hosting in your favorite Eliters League soon!!

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