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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 41
July 2006
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Champions Hall of Fame

Divisions Champions (EDS)

  • Lemmy717 and theboops512002 share top honors on the list with 40 stars.
  • balouza continues to win starts, capturing 1 more this month, taking over second place with 29 stars.
  • mainlake holds third spot with 28 stars.

Eliters Olympic Champions

  • humpco99 still tops the Olympics Medalists with 7 Gold Medals and 16 in Total.
  • yeppagehog maintains second position with 6 Gold Medals giving him a total of 20 altogether.
  • mikey444u is in third position with 6 Gold Medals and 11 in total.

TOC Champions

  • yeppagehog still tops the list with 28 TOC victories.
  • immunity717 is second with 23 TOC victories.
  • Buskey1980 won 1 more TOC victory in June and is in third place with 16 TOC victories.

Decathlon Champions

  • yeppagehog still holds top honors with 17 victories.
  • Lemmy717 remains in second position with 14 victories.
  • passthetaco is in third spot with 11 victories.

Marathon Champions

  • yeppagehog and Buskey1980 now share top spot with 12 Marathon wins.  Buskey1980 added 2 more wins to his collection in June.
  • runaway0509 holds second place on her own with 10 wins.
  • mikey444u holds third spot with 7 Marathon Titles.

Battle of the Sexes (BOS) Champions

  • kierk111 and Buskey1980  now share the lead with 17 BOS wins.
  • yeppagehog holds down second place with 13 BOS wins.
  • lunatic1954 is in third spot with 12 BOS wins.

Congratulations to all who won these fun Eliters Events.  Compete in the upcoming July events for your chances to move up these lists.

Eliters Hall of Fame

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