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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 41
July 2006
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Update on Miller_man278 / Yeppagehog

As part of my job as Newsletter Editor, reading the clubs is vital to keep up to date everything that is going on in Eliters on a daily basis.  This does not mean that it is just about Leagues and Stats and Tournaments but also about Players and Friendships that have started here in Eliters and continue to be strong wherever you play.  One of our family, as you all know, has been missing the last few months, because of medical issues.  To lay to rest all the speculation and such, I spoke with Sunnyeliter and asked her if she could update us all on Miller_man278 / Yeppaghog's health and situation.  This is in her own words:

I told Jan that I'd write an update for the newsletter regarding Miller_man278/Yeppagehog regarding his medical condition.  She noted last month that he was missing from the Olympics competition and he did again in the June Olympics. Many of you have asked and have a right to understand why he hasn't been in his regular events including the Olympics and Decathlons and Marathons in the past 2 months.  The truth is, it may be quite some time before you see him in Eliters competition, but he is truly getting better.

Miller was making phenomenal progress from his brain tumor surgery in March. Early in May he had flulike systems...like all of us..we thought. I had to take him to ER on Saturday morning just before the May Olympics began, when he became very disoriented and the surgeons and myself were quite concerned.

He has had several surgeries due to a brain infection that formed an abscess since that date.  Finally, the infection was clear and a permanent shunt was implanted in his brain to make sure that pressure is removed and maintained at a stable level so that he can begin to heal. There were many weeks of life/death critical questions and his prognosis was questionable.  He is now stable and showing very good signs of both physical and cognitive improvement.  It will be a long road to get him home, let alone back in competition, but all signs show that winning Yeps is now a GOAL and not just a wish.
Please keep him and the specialists involved with his care in your prayers. God's hand has been in this all and your prayers have been very powerful. My family and I thank you all for the continued support, good wishes and prayers during this time. It just continues daily to remind me how very special this ELITERS community is beyond the playing field.


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