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Eliters Newsletter
Issue Number 41
July 2006
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The Challenge

Pat (singlesoul_1999) challenged us all to come up with "two things about Eliters that you are happy about."  What a great idea, Pat! 

Here is what some of you said:

  • Friends -- singlesoul_1999
  • Being able to find games in the middle of the night when I have insomnia. -- singlesoul_1999
  • I like giving bonuses to my players. -- desires_no1
  • I like jumping from league to league trying new games, and I find that each league is very nice and goes out of their way to teach you a game (tds and players) -- desires_no1
  • I am happy that the league rewards success and skill. -- lllloggyllll
  • I am happy that it operates under a clearly defined set of rules and policies and encourages their open discussion. -- lllloggyllll
  • I love the camaraderie of most eliters. -- nfltitan
  • I like playing games with my friends.  -- nfltitan
  • Joking around and talking with friends like we've known each other for years and years.  -- NYCtrelo
  • Being able to play a game for competition but keeping it all in good fun at the same time.  -- NYCtrelo
  • The Eliters make my sides so sore from laughing that I can still feel it the next day. -- niagracowgirl
  • There are so many games offered that it can be hard to choose what to play.  -- niagracowgirl
  • As I figure most will say The Friends You Make!!!  -- amikemdr714
  • The learning how to play so many different games better!  -- amikemdr714
  • The chance to make friends with people I would probably never know in any other way.  -- runaway0509
  • Learning new games and playing the ones I know with a community of people that want to play, not cheat.  -- runaway0509
  • Simple, The Best Players on the Net !  -- lawman20695

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